A lot of people are conscious about body image, and that includes one’s weight. And women in particular are more mindful of this. This holiday season, it is really a challenge to maintain a strict diet while food is just everywhere.

Jaime Morocco used to be uncomfortable in her own body. For the first 18 years of her life she was overweight, until she decided to do something about it. She took action, lost over 50 lbs. and NEVER looked back. 

In this episode, Jaime shares with us her knowledge and experience on how she maintained her weight while eating intuitively. Through using science, mindset, and energetics, losing weight is now more achievable. This coming Christmas, Jaime gives wise advice and insight on how to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty over the food you eat.

In this episode:

[3:52] Growing up, Jaime Morocco was not in a healthy place with food and her body.

[4:32] She started her body transformation journey sixteen years ago.

[4:46] Using a combination of science, mindset and energetics, Jaime helps women achieve their bodies’ highest alignment.

[7:26] Two camps of body transformation: Diet Culture and Anti-Diet Culture

[9:13] Jaime helps women lose weight or achieve body transformation that they desire and help them maintain it intuitively. 

[10:40] Asking yourself the ‘why’ behind your goal is important.

[13:59] Jaime’s two pieces of advice for guilt free eating during the holidays.

[14:12] Based on energetics, ‘it’s not just what we eat, it’s who we are when we’re eating’.

[15:30] Thoughts about the food that we’re eating can really impact not only the molecular structure of the food, but when we intake it.

[16:28] Being in a positive energetic state when eating calms your body which helps in proper digestion of food.

[17:54] Based on the Science, putting on 1lb of adipose tissue or fat takes an additional 3,500 calories more. And so an intake of this for one or two days won’t causes rapid weight gain overnight

[19:36] Research shows that intentionality when put into action creates results.

[20:43] Olga enjoys their tradition as a Colombian and practices guilt free eating during Christmas.

[26:09] Being in alignment with your body. 

[29:44] Instead of feeling guilty be grateful.

[31:26] Steps to take toward body transformation.

[32:05] The first step is  to be more focused on the future, have a vision.

[33:47] Having that awareness that we can change.

[35:02] If you want an identity shift, start with the thoughts that are true to you.

[36:38] Writing down or using an app to track your food brings about awareness.

[42:21] The second step is creating awareness around food.

[42:39] The third step is walking. And walking has many benefits.

[46:29] Dream Body Dream Life is a program that aims to achieve body transformation goals using a combination of Science, mindset and energetics.

About Jaime Morocco

Jaime Morocco is an expert body transformation coach and mentor. She helps women permanently achieve the body that feels of highest alignment to them so that they can create more impact and income.

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