Hate Mondays?





I see you out there. 🙂

Monday is like a Friday, just another day of the week- but so many of us “hate” on it like it was a bad day.

I used to have a terrible attitude on Mondays. It actually started on Sundays. Every Sunday eve I was already feeling the Monday with resistance and unhappiness.

I knew I needed to change my attitude towards Mondays.

When I thought about it, the only difference between Monday and Friday was my attitude.

Starting the week with intentionality, purpose and with a strong mindset helps you have a better week- no questions asked-

So, on this Monday, I want to ask you:

What is your current attitude towards Mondays?

If you are like I once was, here are three simple tips to help you change your Monday attitude:

  • Plan or schedule something you enjoy doing on Mondays (yoga class, call a friend, go to the movies, etc…)
  • Think of Mondays like you do of a new year ahead. What didn’t work last week that this new week offers you to re-do? How can this week bring you closer to your goals? Nothing better than a fresh new start.
  • Lastly, think about your favourite day of the week, what makes it your favourite? How can you bring some of those elements into a Monday?

Need help with your mindset? Not just on Mondays?

I’ve got you.

Listen to my podcast every Monday for inspiration.

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Should I write your name in that spot?

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So, take a quick break from watching Netflix or snuggling your dog and get yourself into Detox.

Then go back to furry cuddles ‘cuz those are important too.

See you on the inside,