Is it just me, or do I actually find hearts everywhere?

Recently, during a Mother’s Day tea celebration at my son’s school, I noticed the tea leaves in my cup had formed the shape of a heart. I smiled and thought, “Of course, I would see a heart.”

“We see the world as we are, not as it is.” This phrase perfectly encapsulates why I am so passionate about coaching. Coaching helps us become aware of how we perceive the world, allowing us to reflect on our perspectives and misconceptions.

My journey to motherhood taught me that love is stronger than fear. Ever since, I’ve seen love in all its forms, sometimes as simple as a heart-shaped tea leaf.

What you believe, you see. Your brain has an incredible capacity to see what’s not there, modify what’s there, and imagine the rest just to prove you right. The quality of your thoughts and beliefs directly impacts your mental well-being.

What do you tend to see most often?

If fear, worry, or limitations come to mind, consider coaching. Coaching helps you become aware of your thoughts, the limitations you impose on yourselves, and the lenses through which we view the world.

In coaching, we gain new perspectives, learn about who we are, what we want, and what stops us from achieving it. We also mobilize action and stop the cycle of overthinking.

I’m opening two spots for 8-session private coaching with me starting this month. I know these spots will fill quickly, so don’t overthink it. Book a free consult call, and let’s see how my coaching can benefit you.

Looking forward to connecting with you,