Have You Ever Tried to Befriend Fear?

Inside The Practice, our monthly membership, we are embracing a challenge this month: slowing down.

The responses and the impact of this challenge on our members have been touching, uplifting, and profoundly calming.

Yesterday, I faced a moment of fear when my dad had an accident and needed immediate help. I rushed to his home, trusting the paramedics who were also on their way.

Driving to an emergency, I felt calm and grounded, even smiling. I was deeply impressed by the work I do with clients and on myself. It is possible to remain calm amidst chaos.

It all starts with a regulated nervous system. Nothing regulates our nervous system better than deciding to befriend fear:

Remind yourself that you are safe. Using the word “safe” can actually help dissipate fear.

Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen. This signals your nervous system that you are physically safe.

Remember that fear is an illusion appearing real.

Reframe your beliefs about fear. You can only do this by speaking out loud and creating new meanings, guided through a process of awareness.

Ready to befriend fear? Schedule a call and let’s chat.

XO, Olga