I don’t have a cat, but if I did, I would totally let it be cozy in my bed like the one here…look at it…it’s so cute having a great cat nap …

Unlike many of us!

Am I right?

Ahhhhh Sleep!

Sleep, is a big subject of conversation in my coaching calls and to be honest, within myself.

In order to determine how a patient is doing psychologically, a therapist asks about their sleep. Because the sleep is the reflection of the emotional body.

Not surprisingly, when a person is going through high levels of stress, emotional turmoil, grief, change, health issues, etc., the sleep tends to suffer.

I recently re-read a book I love (yes, I do that, I read the same books several times, but it almost always feels like I’m reading a totally new book) called “Head Strong” by Dave Asprey .

Last time I read it, I didn’t remember any of his ideas to improve sleep! But this time around, given where I’m at with my hormones changing…sleep being impacted…well, that was the part of the book that I noticed the most.

I wanted to share with you some of the strategies I learned from reading his book, in case you want to put them to practice right away. I have, and I’m impressed to see the immediate impact they’ve had on my sleep.

I’m falling asleep faster, I’m staying asleep the entire night and…wait for it… I’m waking up full of energy! So, I know I’m actually resting.

Alright, here are his suggestions:
  • Dim all the lights in your home as bed time is approaching (2-3 hours before)
  • Turn off your wi-fi and router to sleep.
  • Leave your cellphone outside of your bedroom or, on airplane mode.
  • Do the same for your apple watch or smart watch.
  • Have one spoon of raw honey before bed.
  • No coffee after 2 pm.
  • No screens two hours prior to sleeping.
  • No workouts two hours before bed either.
  • Cover all the tiny blue or green LED small lights in your home, but specially in your bedroom.
That’s it!

By the way, buy his book and read it all, it’s amazing 🙂

Now, go have a good night.

But if you can’t because your mind is too busy overthinking, then do all of the things above and also sign up for my 12-week program Reset Your Mindset…I’ll help you get your emotions in check.

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Sweet dreams!