Going through a loss can bring unimaginable pain. Loss over a loved one, a pet, a job, whatever it is that has great meaning to you, when you lose it, is painful.

This episode is inspired by someone who took my anxiety online course. She experienced recurring losses in the form of her pet dogs. She wants to have another dog, but is haunted by fear over losing another one. 

This is a very important issue, like her I’ve also gone through losing a friend, all of us do. Loss is inevitable, but it’s how we cope with a loss that really matters.

Fear Is A Part Of You

When you go through a loss, you become self aware. You become aware of death, of heartache, of losing something. A fear in you develops, and stays with you until you experience a loss again. Understanding fear as a part of you is the first step to overcome.

Love Is Risky, But It’s Worth It

Love is a wonderful feeling, it makes the world go round. But choosing to love means opening up your heart to losses. Love is risky, but it’s worth it. Losing something or someone you love is painful, however the beautiful memories that you had together are worth every pain. Remembering the good can help you recover from loss.

Choose Love Over Fear

Fear is a debilitating feeling. It can control you and your decisions. Overcoming fear and choosing love is a choice. 

To enjoy life and what life has to offer means choosing love and everything that comes with it. Fear will always linger and there’s no way to really avoid it, so choosing to love is always the best option.

Celebrate Each Moment

Don’t be crippled by fear, instead celebrate every moment. Don’t allow fear to take over and steal the moment. Enjoy each moment and live life to the fullest.

Choose To Have Courage

It all boils down to choice. Choose to have courage, to love deeply, to experience life. Life is all about facing fear head on, that is the journey. Nothing is permanent, there are no guarantees, but we have a choice.

Be in the present. Fear takes you nowhere, but courage takes you places.


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