There are days when we wake up all motivated and confident to go about our day. We carefully choose the clothes we wear, our hair, our make-up, everything that exudes confidence and power. Then suddenly out of nowhere, something happens and our confidence drifts into insecurity.

I’ve been through this, and I’m sure a lot of you did too. So how do you bounce back to that confident and powerful you, when you suddenly become doubtful?

In this episode, I would like to share with you how you can stay motivated even when in doubt. Whenever your faith in self is low, whenever your personal power feels insecure, this is the pep talk you will need.

The Impostor Syndrome Is Real…

Nowadays, social media has given people the power to spread not only love but also hate. And as humans, we tend to get really hurt or affected whenever somebody says something negative about us.

Even the most confident women fall into this trap. I am also a victim of Impostor Syndrome. As a coach, I have to be consistently motivated and confident, however I still do get affected when I read negative feedback. From being highly motivated, I begin to question my capabilities, I begin to doubt myself.

Our Mind Loves Drama 

There’s a lot that goes through one’s mind when insecurities creep in. And for a lot of my clients, this is common. As soon as that door of insecurity opens, all thoughts of fear and overreaction and catastrophizing go out to play. Sometimes, you seek assurance and validation from other people, which sometimes works, but tendency is you’re still caught up in your drama.

Nothing Is Permanent

It only goes to show that nothing is permanent. Confidence is a state of being that we continuously have to work on. When we’re in that mental drama, we might even ignore evidence that is in front of us that says that we are plenty, that we are loved, that we are great at what we do, that we can succeed, but sometimes we don’t even see it. 

Oftentimes, what we hear is attached to our already deep seated insecurities. And sometimes it doesn’t take much for those to be triggered. When this happens, make it a point to pause, to reflect, and to pay attention. Pause to reflect on who you are as a person, seek validity from yourself that you are enough. And pay attention to your worth and believe in yourself.

We Are Not Allergic To Failing, We Are Allergic To Succeeding…

When we’re making inspired actions, when we’re making inspired decisions, and taking action to worth our growth, sometimes we ourselves come to sabotage our own. Why? Because we forget that we have pure personal power. We think for a moment that our power is circumstantial. We think for a moment that high we were on was just a fake moment. We think for a moment that our personal power is pending on all things going great. We think for a moment that confidence is eternal. But it isn’t.

Be The CEO Of Your Life

So next time, you’re feeling demotivated or doubtful, notice that’s strictly related to you making a stride towards your progress. Insecurity and doubt are part of the process, confidence comes from moments of insecurity. You just need to have your own back. It is the ability to get yourself out of those moments that keeps building your confidence. You can have moments of doubt, and can be confident in the process.

Allow yourself the pity party, but do not let that dictate what happens next. Step back into your CEO position, the CEO of your own life.

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