Everyone seems to know exactly what they want, they seem to have clear goals and I don’t even know what I want for supper tonight. 

I have been so preoccupied with taking care of everyone that I have no issues answering what hobbies my husband or children have, what is my boss’s favorite drink and what my best friend is working towards. But if you ask me what type of music I like, what I do for fun or what I would like to do on my days off, my answer without a doubt is  “I DON’T KNOW”.  It feels like I no longer recognize me. I do not know me.

When did I forget all about me? When did I grow apart from me? There is no way I would have allowed this distance to creep in between my husband and me, or between my children and I. NO WAY. I live for those connections. But why, oh why, have I neglected the connection with myself?

If that sounded like the start of a journal entry you could have written yourself, I have news for you. Change is possible and help is here! 

Every single person who has ever been a part of “Reset your Mindset 12-week group coaching program” has started their journey with a desire to connect to their purpose and gain clarity on how to do so. Many of the women I coach are pure-hearted and so good at taking care of everyone but very negligent when it comes to caring for themselves and giving themselves the time and attention they need. IT IS NORMAL. Being on autopilot is a thing of busy people. But it doesn’t have to be.

Inside RYM I walk you through strategies that help you:

  • Make decisions with ease
  • Set clear boundaries without drama
  • Stop the hamster wheel
  • Switch the mean inner voice for confidence 
  • Let go of unattainable expectations
  • Be at ease with who you are

Once you learn to apply the three main principles of the program: Awareness + Boundaries + Confidence, you will not only have mental clarity, full awareness of who you are but also, better, more connected relationships with yourself and others.

RYM is 12 weeks long. It combines DIY journals with mindset videos and weekly coaching calls with me. All your questions will be answered and you will learn the ins and outs of my proven strategies to get out of self-sabotage, self-criticism into a confident, clear-minded, and assertive you. 

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Here is what others have said about their experience;

“Honestly, no words that I write will depict how impactful this program and other resources Olga offers are. This is work that takes you to a place where you never want to go back because you become aware of how much power you hold and that everything is possible, it’s all about mindset 💕” 

Learning skills to understand what’s going on…. I think everything builds on the last thing … I can’t narrow it down but all I can say is it feels like I can finally see .. like my mind was blurry and I got glasses lol.

“My biggest takeaway has been the changing of perspective- away from perfectionism. Realizing that disappointments are unmet expectations and we can all avoid these.