I was about to head out on a date with my husband (thanks to our wonderful baby-sitter), and as I was getting ready, a question I heard my husband’s mentor asked kept running through my mind… and ultimately led me to sit down and write you this email.


When would you rather work on things? (business, marriage, health, finances, etc…) when it’s “sunny” or in the middle of a storm?


I know the answer for me was not the storm.


I know I want to work on things while it’s sunny so that when the storm comes, I’ve got plenty of energy, resources and vitality to ride the waves of the storm.


I also know working on things while it’s sunny is fun, light and easier.


But I understand why he asked the question.


I’ve been the “wait-for-the-storm to do something-person” and I know it takes a heck of a lot more resources to make progress when the storm finds you depleted.


This past week, I taught inside Detox and I invited everyone to continue to deepen the work of knowing themselves, to break the barriers of fear, overthinking, anxiety and to learn how to optimize their minds and thinking…


Many were on the “fence” because while they may have identified the “red flags” of a mind that is heading towards unhappiness, burnout, people pleasing x10, illness, etc… they simply couldn’t justify investing in themselves while they could still “manage”.


If you are like some of my students from last week (and like me a couple decades ago), you DO hear the voice that says, “We can’t keep going this way” or, “I don’t like the way this feels” YET you choose to ignore it.


Why do we ignore our own internal signals that are telling us that something needs care and attention?


F E A R.


We fear that giving attention to that inner voice (also known as wisdom) might make things worse. So, we choose to ignore it. But, how long can something (anything) go ignored??


Eventually, just like hot tea kettle on the stove, we boil and get loud.


Anxiety, illness, break-ups, drama are all “loud noises” -or the storm- of what was once a whisper from your inner wisdom.


If we catch, listen and respond to our inner wisdom as it shows up, we are FAR more likely to address it, heal it and fix it while it is still sunny outside.


So, let’s get you to think about the same question: When would you rather work on things? When it is sunny or, when the storm arrives?


Whether you are riding a storm right now, or in the middle of a wonderful summer, I want to invite you to self-develop, to grow and, to deepen your understanding of who you are. I’m inviting you to Reset your Mindset.

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