I was on Instagram this morning sharing with my audience why I choose to be coached. Yup, a life coach with a life-coach. That is me.

Better yet, when I could choose to be coached privately, I instead choose to pay several thousands($30k to be exact) on….GROUP coaching.

Whaaaaat?? That amount of money could afford me private coaching with someone else for three years if I wanted to…so why do I choose group coaching?

I just came out of a call with my coach and my peers, I was not personally coached in that my hand wasn’t up and I didn’t speak. HOWEVER, and yes, this is a capital however…

I got immense value from the coaching my peers who did speak today received. I in fact got coached vicariously through them.

First of all, two of them exposed issues I am currently having. Them sharing what they were going through was like listening to a recording of myself. This had two impacts on me right away; 1) I realized this way of thinking and feeling is not unique to me, there are other professionals around the world feeling behind and this having an impact on their motivation and confidence and 2) I felt not alone and sooo freaking normal with my emotions and thoughts.

See, if I had been in a one on one call with a coach, I would have never heard what other peers are going through and would have felt supported by my coached but not seen, like I just saw myself in those other women.

Lastly, I choose coaching in a group because women, we are social beings. We thrive on community. We propel when we feel a sense of belonging and when we can offer our friendship and support to others as we also get supported. I have never underestimated what a sense of belonging to a group can do to someone’s soul, mind and body.

So, this is why I choose to be coached within a group and why I coach my clients in a group.

What limiting beliefs do you have about group sessions?

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