I wrote this for you

Are you happy? 
Are you healthy? 
Are you in the relationship that allows you to grow? 
Are you in the job that matches your strengths? 
Is your body strong and are you satisfied with its appearance? 
How about your social relationships? Are they fulfilling?

Unless you already are the CEO of your own life and you answered a strong YES to all those… stop and read.
Being the CEO of your own life requires to face those questions and to dive into them with full honesty.

If you are the kind of person hiding behind excuses or, blaming others for not being satisfied with one, some or, all of your questions above….if you never stop to reflect, learn and take action….you really need to promote yourself to the position of CEO of your own life because it is obviously vacant!

Taking full responsibility for our well-being in all areas of our lives is a full time job. The highest paid job, by the way. The job you will never want to quit from. One job worth doing.

Most of us want to live the life of the CEO – loads of happiness, mental clarity, good, strong relationships, a great job BUT not many of us are committing to being that CEO.

Instead we show up as the mediocre employee that always has an excuse as to why their job wasn’t completed. You know, the employee who blames their boss or the company for their lack of commitment to their own job or progress. The one who calls in sick or, gives up when the project is long. Never asks for help in case they are viewed weak so they push and push until they burn out.

We behave like the employee who spends her day complaining about what’s not working, and worrying about the future of her employment, the one who takes no initiatives but waits to be told what to do….the one who becomes more work for everyone around because she is not doing her part.

Maybe some of these things apply to you, maybe not. Either way, the CEO would stop and reflect.

Would not spend time and energy in guilt and shame but rather in problem solving and planning her next inspired action.

Raise up my friend! Take all the steps necessary to SHOW up every day as the CEO of your own life, do it even if you don’t know how to (learn along the way), do it even if you are afraid. Because taking full responsibility for your happiness is worth every little bit of discomfort that it may cause.

You do not want to do this alone? I hear you. Everything is better with good company.

That’s what we do inside Being the CEO of your own life group coaching program. We join our efforts to step up to the CEO promotion.

We as a group, choose on a regular basis to do things that challenge our inner narrative of not enoughness, we support each other in our journey of failing while trying new approaches, we coach our way to the life we dream, and we walk away from the one we fear.

I am looking for future CEOs to join us. If that is you, here is how to apply:

Step one: Full out this application
See you soon.