Anxiety is often your body’s way of seeking reassurance that you have your own back……Did you know that?

As you probably know, anxiety is brought to you by fear and by a sense that you are not safe. Of course, 90% of the time, the lack of safety is not real, we are actually safe, sometimes even in the comfort of our own home, but our thoughts carry us to a scary future and that’s when we no longer feel safe.

During my 20’s I struggled with health anxiety. I was always (and I mean ALWAYS) worried about getting sick or being sick without knowing it. These thoughts about a potential health issue would keep me up at night and would steal many of my awakened moments during the day. I would seek reassurance from doctors that I was healthy and once I got it, my anxiety would dissipate but not for long. Another intrusive thought or trigger would come in and there I was again, feeling unsafe and needing a doctor to run some tests and tell me that I was going to be ok.

One day I finally realized that my anxiety was simply the alarm system of my own body going off to let me know that the way in which I was thinking was not safe. That’s right, it is not the anxiety that made me feel unsafe, but my own thoughts. I also realized that when I was looking for outside reassurance, I was always depending on getting it in order to feel better, so that was not sustainable. However, when I was able to offer myself the reassurance I needed, well, that’s when my health insurance came to an end.

You see, when we are anxious we become our own enemies, creating more thoughts that bring our fear to a higher level. Almost like a snowball effect, but when we can break that hamster wheel of thoughts by introducing reassurance from ourselves (not from anyone else), we gain power that diminishes all those scary and fictitious thoughts.

In order to offer yourself reassurance, you have to think about a phrase that brings you peace and then repeat it to yourself each time your anxiety shows up. Having your own back is one of the most helpful things you can do to lower anxiety.

PS: My reassurance phrases were “right at this moment, I am healthy” “if ever I am in need of medical assistance, I know where to get it and I trust my own body’s ability to heal”

What kind of self-talk would reassure you of your own fears?

With love,

Olga xoxo

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