As we move forward in this second quarter of 2023, I would love to steal your attention for a moment to reflect together – (OK, you reflect there, I reflect here, but still, we can imagine that we are in the same space thinking about these questions together).


  • Do you currently like the thoughts you are having?


  • Are you currently spending time doing things that fill your cup?


  • Are you happy with the way your mind’s inner voice sounds? Is it tone friendly and supportive?


  • How has your mindset been so far this month? Are you positive, hopeful and determined for what’s to come? Or, are you rather pessimistic, feeling meh and unmotivated?


  • The last time you made a mistake, were you kind and understanding?


  • Last time you had a victory, did you share it with others and celebrated it?


  • When you realize that something makes you happy, do you diligently ensure those things are scheduled so that they happen more often?


  • Do you communicate your needs freely? Or do you wait for others to guess what you need or just ignore them?


  • When your mind is freaking out with anxiety and irrational fears, do you know how to calm yourself down?


  • Do you take things personally? Or, do you understand people’s emotions and actions do not have anything to do with you?


  • Do you feel that what feels heavy and overwhelming to you, is unique to yourself? Or, have you found a community of people who may feel the same?


Sorry if the list went on too long. But, I hope you took the time to answer these questions.

They will give you a clear sense of what may need some work and what needs to continue because it is working. I am OBSESSED with self-reflection. I do it every week and at times every day. Why? For one simple reason. When I reflect, I become aware and when I become aware, I then become able to DECIDE, whether or not the thing that I have become aware of, is helpful or not. If I decide that it isn’t helpful, that same awareness gives me the POWER to change my circumstances by changing the way I think and consequently the way I behave.


I encourage my clients to become comfortable owning their emotions and their responses to their emotions.

What do I mean by owning? Sometimes, when we do not like what we feel, we tend to pretend that we don’t know what we are feeling, we act as though we don’t know to whom those emotions belong to. My clients would say “This isn’t me” to which I remind them, we are human beings, we can hold all emotions and still be who we are. So, owning our emotions simply means that we understand there aren’t bad emotions or good emotions. There are emotions. End of sentence. And yes, they all belong to you. Owning our emotions also means that we will have the courage to feel them all the way through. Another phrase my clients would hear me repeat often is “The only way out is through”. So, can you hold space for the emotions to go through you?

These are the types of conversations I host inside Reset your Mindset. Additionally, I provide you with concrete tools to explore and apply to different mindset blocks that we all have at different times in one way or another. The doors to Reset are about to open and I am ecstatic to welcome you if this kind of work speaks to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to not just know what the problem is, but also how to resolve it?

Members in Reset get weekly videos and weekly calls from me, for 12 consecutive weeks. We all make progress towards creating the type of thoughts we like having and the tolerance to feel the ones we like a little less. Are you ready to master your self-confidence and stop the overthinking mind? I can help and here is how!


Reset is about to open for registration. We get started on May 12th, 2023