Some investments for yourself are simply priceless. When I invite women to join my coaching programs I talk about all the obvious benefits:

More confidence, assertiveness in decision making, readiness to change their mood, tools to shift unhelpful thoughts and lower anxiety, less stress, more happiness, no overthinking.

Today, I want to tell you about the value that comes from doing the things above that you might not even consider as a consequence of mindset work.

Specifically, I want to tell you about Lina. A client who did the 12-weeks of Reset your Mindset program.

Lina is an immigrant woman who lives in Canada. She joined the program because she realized she had many paralyzing thoughts that were getting on the way of her development professionally, personally and were interfering with her ability to adapt to a new culture. She wanted to be confident.

While Lina was able to create new thoughts about herself, her abilities she never imagined that doing that work was going to bring her “tears of joy and pride” when she was promoted at work…in a position that was created specifically for her.

Having done the steps of the Reset your Mindset Formula, Lina grew the confidence to see herself as a valuable employee with a lot more to offer. In doing so, she told her boss that she was under-payed and that she was not using all of her skills in her current position. This courageous request, lead her to a new, higher paying position created just for her, meeting all of her requirements.

I would like to add that when Lina signed up for Reset, she didn’t have the money available to her, but she told her husband; “I will find a way”. Little did she know, she had planted an incredible intention that was going to bring her far more than the funds to pay for coaching.

Mindset work is priceless.

The return on self-investment far exceeds your expectations.

There are more valuable consequences to coaching than you can imagine.

What thoughts are holding you back today?

Imagine what would be possible for you, if you too, found a way to spend less mental energy in thoughts that paralyze you?

What would be a priceless benefit for you?

Today, I am inviting you to join me inside Reset your Mindset not just based on what you are guaranteed to receive from me and the program (a legit system that works, every single time someone applies it) but, to join me from a place of curiosity, where what you are motivated to experience are the other priceless values that will come to you as a result of being more confident.

The best is yet to come my friend.

You are just one click away from it!

As a reminder, if you sign up before December 31st, you get an $800 discount which brings the 12 weeks of coaching down to $1200! You also have free access to my three hour virtual retreat on goal setting for 2024 taking place in January!

PS: We get started January 19th at Noon EST. All calls are recorded. You have access to the video teachings for the three months that we are together.

Monthly payment plans are available and benefits cover my services. You can also book a free call with me here to discuss!

See you soon,