You consider yourself a very considerate and sensitive person. You feel everyone’s feelings and when someone you love is going through a hard time, your love language includes:

1) Imagine what it feels like to be in their shoes (scratch that, more than imagining it, you FEEL it, in your own skin)

2) Becoming obsessed with trying to help them by  “fixing” their problem and emotions.

3) Whether you are around them or not, you show your care and love by being worried.

Is that YOU?

If you believe this, you might think, “because I worry about my family, it proves that I love and care about them” or, “people know me as the worrier, I am the one who worries and cares about people”.

Worry is NOT love.

Worrying and love are two different things and one is not a condition to the other. Worry only makes love feel heavier, wouldn’t you agree?

I know we all believe to some degree that love without worry is not love. But that’s just a myth, that keeps us hooked to worry. Think about it, love with worry makes you be controlling. It takes away so much ENERGY and TRUST from you and from the ones you are worrying about.

I challenge you to separate the two concepts and to find an alternative way to show your love in a way that does not attach to worry.

For example, I have chosen to believe that I am a caring person and that when I do not worry about others, I can show up in a far more helpful way to them and to myself. 

I don’t need worry to love. I am free to love without worry.

What would your relationships look like if you did not worry about them?

Worry is another extension of a mind that is out of balance. If you find that worry rules your thinking, it’s time to do something about it. 

If worry or anxiety was something that you could have solved by yourself, wouldn’t you have done it already?

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness or “declared insanity”. The opposite, asking for help is strength and it fortifies your confidence.

It’s time to start thinking about giving your mind and worry a full RESET.

The doors to the next group of Reset your Mindset will be opening soon for registration. You can read more about the 12-week program here. If you want to join us in May, you can add your name to the waiting list or, book a consult call to chat directly with me about it.

It’s time to vanish worry from your love language.

Love, Olga