Leaning towards discomfort

After over 16 years of intimately working with people and their emotions, I’ve come to realize that the fear of discomfort is a significant barrier to achieving success, regardless of how one defines it.

Consider one of your current aspirations, goals, or dreams…

Now, ask yourself: What’s holding me back?

Did the fear of discomfort come to mind? (Fear of feeling anxious, ashamed, embarrassed, etc.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

It’s natural to fear discomfort, but once we acknowledge this fear, we must take action, don’t you think?

So, who are you?

Are you the person who shies away from discomfort, and consequently, from success? Or, are you the one who embraces discomfort, thereby paving your way to success?

I’ve been both, and in many ways, I still am.

However, I’m currently on a deliberate journey to shift my mindset regarding discomfort. What if what I perceive as a threat (insert intense emotion here) is actually a sign of growth? What if enduring this discomfort is the only obstacle between me and my dreams? Will I look back with regret or pride?

I hold immense love and respect for whichever point you find yourself on this spectrum. And, I want to encourage you to challenge your current perception of discomfort.

Your growth and increased tolerance for discomfort will introduce you to the strongest person you’ll ever meet (YOU).

This April, I invite you to join us in The Practice” for our “Lean Towards Discomfort Challenge.”

Membership is flexible—you can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice—and includes participation in our monthly group calls among other member benefits.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Our next call is Monday, April 8th, at noon. (Every second Monday of the month)

With love,