Kathleen Pagan was at the pinnacle of her success. She was a CFO, financially stable, and had all that she needed to live a comfortable life. But behind her success, she felt unfulfilled…

Until the loss of her father made her realize something important – To celebrate each day, and to find the happiness and fulfillment she had always longed for. Armoured with courage, she finally decided to quit her job to pursue what her heart desires.

In this episode, Kathleen takes us on a journey of courage and purpose. How she battled fear with mindset and action. And finally living the dream of Endlessly Elated.

In this episode:

[3:48] Kathleen talks about how Endlessly Elated started, and where she got her inspiration from.

[4:42] At the pinnacle of her success, she realized she needed to live a fulfilled life, and that is working on her own interior designs.

[8:12] Endlessly Elated had a unique approach to making products – co-creating with their consumers.

[9:25] The loss of her father opened up her eyes on how short life is, and that life should be celebrated every single day. 

[14:34] Fear of losing security.

[17:15] Finding the courage to quit to pursue her dreams.

[19:10] Waking up out of a nap in panic.

[21:32] Kathleen identified her fears, and for her it was financial fear. She managed to plan a solution, which is to start saving. 

[26:49] It all lies in the courage of your belief…

[28:48] When you believe, be on the evidence, you don’t need any evidence, you will see how you attract the things you want. 

[32:21] Be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

[41:32] Living out of the box.

[43:59] Despite her success in the corporate world, Kathleen felt unfulfilled and anxious.

[50:12] If something is put in your heart and your mind. If you believe in it, explore those gifts.

[54:47] Find evidence out in the world, to help you go through that pain that you are in the moment.

[57:45] Living on purpose and living in gratitude impacts the world.

About Kathleen Pagan

From finance professional to homewares entrepreneur, Kathleen Pagan climbed the ranks to become a CFO at the age of 35. In 2019, she left her illustrious title behind to strike out on her own — opening the doors of, Endlessly Elated, a virtual destination inspired by home. As an interior designer, self-taught cook, and the creator of home products behind the brand, Kathleen effortlessly inspires each of her consumers to curate their own Story of Home. Kathleen has partnered with several Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in such outlets as Rachael Ray, Create & Cultivate, and is slated for an upcoming TEDx talk. Kathleen currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, Alcides and their fur baby, Mason.

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