Going for the life of your dreams is to dive into a thick layer of discomfort. It is easier for us to look away from what’s really painful and just go around the edges onto another painful area. But what happens when you allow yourself to feel comfortable in the pain and be willing to be open to the support of others?

In this episode, my friends, Janine and Myriem are just finishing their first round of Reset Your Mindset. And in these past 12 weeks, they both have had beautiful transformations happen. I thought if I was to tell you their story, I would really cut corners. So I invited them to the show since I know I would not do justice to their own experience of seeking support. It is important that you listen to their beautiful voices and their new commitment to living the life of their dreams.

“I think the biggest thing is we deserve as women to feel good and we make others feel good when we feel good. It helps us to be better moms, better friends, and better cheerleaders. And it also helps us to feel better as people too.” – Janine

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to go about living the life of your dreams, not your fears.
  • How to stop fearing success and failure.
  • Expectations vs. having intentions.

Transformation through working on ourselves

We’re constantly working on ourselves. Our growth happens in very tiny steps at a time.  

You have the internal tools for transformation, to like, and to connect. The best is to decide to just do this now. Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? 

Learn something at least through trying. Learn something about yourself through wanting to live experiences without letting them pass you by.  

Have the need to go over your notes. Then have the need to implement the things you’ve learned. And also take the time to do them. Just go through this journey in a more self-compassionate way. Be consistently more self-compassion when it comes to movement when it comes to things that are good for your body and spirit.

In time you will learn to make decisions with more ease since you are getting to know yourself better.  

Myriem and Janine would have never discovered this wealth of self-care without the help of a coaching program. But also the realization of how important it is to live the life of their dreams for themselves.

My doors will be opening soon for the September cohort of my Reset Your Mindset group. I’m also going to be offering a Detox The Mind, five-date live coaching in September, September 12. So if this is for you, if you are a perfectionist, attached to achievements, overdoing, constantly fed up with your own mind, wanting to get a break from thinking so much from feeling disappointed from being so hard on yourself. I want to coach you through that.

About Myriem

Myriem is a lifelong learner and a lover of nature, reading, music, animals, and connecting with people. She studied literature and multidisciplinary arts and is currently working in the Federal Government of Canada. Reset Your Mindset came to her at the perfect time as perfectionism, self-loathing, and anxiety permeated her waking life. Difficult life experiences left her emotionally paralyzed and kept her from living with Love instead of fear for too long. With the renewed approach to dreaming and possibility via lessons in Reset, she plans to explore creative outlets such as writing and photography. Contact: @booksnloves

About Janine

Janine is a bereaved daughter, having lost her dad in a workplace accident in late 2021. She is also a manager in the government of Canada, a fiancee, a dog and cat mom, a crafter extraordinaire, and in ED recovery. Everything in that list filled her with so much anxiety and self-doubt, so much so that it was beginning to seep into her everyday life, and her relationships, ultimately severely affecting her mental health. Reset came at the perfect time, teaching her how to evaluate her mindset and different ways of responding to events – plus she has a new and wonderful group of women to call “family”.