make it work

Just make it work.

This morning I asked my clients inside ‘Being the CEO’ some feedback about the (potential) changes in our program next year and the answer I kept getting was “I will make it work”.

I am both proud and happy that these ladies are living to the standard of a real CEO of their own lives. CEOs make shit happen and they also make it work.

When you are presented with changes, opportunities, with challenges, do you have the “I make it work” attitude?

Over-thinkers always end up “making it work” but not without first adding a lot of unnecessary drama and anxiety.

The overthinker is used to living in a state of stress and sleepless nights. It is used to being told that they are worrying too much about something, they are also used to being tired.

The adrenaline that overthinkers produce on a single day could be used to run a full marathon, no questions asked.

Did you know that one hour of stress in the body, takes 8 full hours to recover from? 8 HOURS!!!!!

For the overthinkers, this is such a waste of resources. Because 9/10 times when you make it to the “end result” you realize that all that stress, worry and overthinking wasn’t needed because it all worked out anyway.

The interesting part is, that we don’t learn. We overthink again and again.

Why? Because overthinkers carry a strong limiting belief that says that the only way to success is by worrying about failure.

But what if you had the strategies to just make it work without the anxiety that is caused by overthinking?

What if you could skip the drama and just decide that you’re gonna make it work?

What if you knew how to grow the confidence to withstand the feelings that would arise if in the end things didn’t work out?

STOP overthinking. Stop the mental drama that separates you from confidence and carry with you the belief that you can make it work.

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XO, Olga