Let’s face it, we need to talk about money… Money is a topic some people shy away from, but honestly it’s a subject we all have to look into. If you’re looking forward to achieving your goals someday, it’s time to get real and get that money mindset.

Our guest today is Rachelle Siebke, a money coach who works with women who want to get smart with their money. She helps them manage their finances based on their life goals and through showing them how to get more of what they want while doing more of what they love.

In this episode, Rachelle and Olga exchange experiences and learnings about money fears, money insecurities, and money issues women face today. Rachelle will also share with us how to attain a healthy money mindset. Through looking at money blockages, the importance of setting up budgets, money awareness, sufficiency mindset and more.

It’s time we look at money not as an object, but as a mindset.

In this episode:

[5:46] Rachelle introduces herself. 

[8:06] A natural at math and having been exposed at a young age on how money works piqued Rachelle’s interest in handling money.

[9:41] She started her first Roth IRA at 18. 

[10:13] Money became really important to her when she became a single teenage mom. 

[14:31] There is no one right or wrong decision that you can make with money. 

[16:07] Set up a budget ahead of time before you spend anything.

[18:11] Awareness gives you decision power.

[22:41] Working with women set up their budget template online.

[25:22] Practicing money mindset through awareness and looking at habits. 

[27:37] Using the calendar as a tool for money related productivity. 

[29:09] The main point of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is you change the results you want to see in your life, and there’s a way around learning new ways of behaving with money.

[30:17] Not being enough can be something that gets in the way of us achieving wealth.

[32:56] Another blockage within the money mindset is upper limit beliefs.

[38:01] Fear is an emotion, and not your being. Emotions are temporary and they process through their physical sensations in our body that are not meant to last.

[40:36] Knowing what you want and deciding on making it happen, is what makes your goals into reality.

[50:49] Look at the specifics of your goals.

[51:29] What are you doing with all of this energy exchange that you’re giving in the world?

[52:55] Women do know what they want, they’ve just already decided that they probably can’t have.

[53:51] When we become rich we will become givers…Is that actually true?

[56:46] Usually, it’s the $100 or less decisions that can get you into trouble.

[58:45] The willingness to invest in ourselves relies on your self-belief.

[1:04:56] Sufficiency Mindset comes from enoughness. 

[1:11:21] You may not always get the results you want, but it will always be one step closer to where you want to go.

[1:17:46] When you worry and catastrophize, the worst case scenarios don’t usually happen. 

[1:19:49] You cannot plan for all potential outcomes in your life, you can just trust that whatever comes your way you are prepped for it. And if not, look for somebody who can help you.

About Rachelle Siebke

Rachelle Siebke is a money coach who helps women become smart with their money. She teaches them how to manage their finances through confident decisions based on what they want their life to be – showing them how to get more of what they want while doing more of what they love.

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