Most women settle for a less than ideal life.


Most women spend a lot of their time having thoughts that bring their energy, their confidence and their self-worth down.


They think and live to make life happier for others all while putting their own happiness on hold.


When women don’t take control over their own minds, they tend to:

  • Not set time aside to do something they enjoy for themselves on a regular basis.


  • Have a nagging feeling that “I shouldn’t be doing this” when they are taking time for themselves.


  • Resent everyone who accepts they acts of generosity and blame them for taking her for granted.


  • Create a to-do-lists based on their unrealistic expectations rather than on their current level of energy and time available to them.


  • Postpone their happiness.


I help women stop neglecting their needs.

I help them regain control over their minds.
By spending time thinking in ways that bring them high value.

While you are busy giving all of yourself to the world, and ignoring your needs, you are doing a disservice to everyone because you’re removing VALUE and enjoyment of what could otherwise be beautiful, fun and light life moments.


That is what you’re giving up every time you postpone getting help with your overthinking and anxiety.


Stop giving all of yourself to others.


That’s right, I said it.


You won’t get more done, you won’t feel better about yourself, you won’t give more to others, if you don’t take time to create high value thoughts.


Thought about you, your time, your worth that feel empowering, liberating, joyful!


Inside Being the CEO of your own life, I teach my clients how to get out of low value thinking by learning to share (not give-up) themselves with the world and by learning to hear themselves out.


How will I get you to that place?

  • Together, we will destroy the limiting beliefs you have about being selfish with your time, energy and happiness.


  • We will connect your mind to your body through mindfulness and self-awareness, that way you know to hear your own voice.


  • We will walk you away from a life of sacrifice, because you are not a monk, and we will bring you to live a life of love, passion and having guilt-free boundaries.


  • I will teach you steps, techniques and structures that will enable you to create self-awareness and confidence.


So, are you ready for a 2024 full of high thinking, high value thoughts or are you going to continue to settle for less than ideal?


The choice is yours,

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