One small thought enters the mind and before you know it your heart is palpitating fast, your body’s temperature rises and you’re suddenly in a state of fear. Your inner voice says the magic two words that freak anyone out…WHAT IF…. (insert imagined scenario)

One thought is all it takes.

One thought changes the energy of your body. Brings on a feeling. That feeling in turn brings on a behavior and that behavior brings on a consequence. EVERY SINGLE TIME. We think, we create a consequence.

If you have many unhelpful, scary thoughts, this last sentence probably gave you other thoughts and feelings you probably don’t like, and here you are in a moment of panic.

Breath, relax.

One thought is also all it takes to create a new consequence, a new result.

Following the same logic, I’m happy to tell you that the creative part of your mind that keeps creating scary scenarios, just needs one thought to create a different outcome and experience. 

The problem is that we don’t believe there are alternative thoughts. We never stop to ask ourselves; how else could I think about the scenario that caused me panic, fear, discomfort?

We are quick to point at who or what made us feel discomfort but we do not take charge of our own thoughts because we haven’t yet made the connection between our feelings and our thoughts. 

If you could choose (which you can) how exactly you would like to feel, what ONE thought would you need to have?

Mindset shifts is what Reset your Mindset coaching is all about. If you want to do this work more deeply and would like my guidance, come join me for 12 weeks of intensive coaching. Training the mind is what I am most passionate about and I want to help you feel better. 

One thought is all it takes.

What is your thought about joining this process of transformation?

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