Only 8% make it. Are you in that 8%?

The second month of the year has come to an end. My brain always wants to reflect. So let me bring you with me…


How is it going?


Where are you at with those new year’s resolutions and goals for 2023?


Do you feel on track? 


Did you start motivated and consistent and now both of those ingredients seem to be missing?


Remember that only 8% of people end the year with their goals accomplished. Are you in the 8% or in the 92%?


One of my friends recently told me that he has been thinking about asking for help from a therapist but that he didn’t really know if he actually needed help.


After chatting for a little bit, it was evident to him and to me, that his thoughts were creating a lot of drama and unnecessary worry for him. So, we answered his question of whether or not help was needed.


His brain did what most brains tend to do when help is near…and available…it questioned it in a different way.


“Ok, so it’s true that my thoughts are working against me, but shouldn’t this be something I can handle on my own? ” he asked.


Since I’d heard that one before, I was ready to answer with another question:


“So, why haven’t you done it already?”


“Because I don’t know how to change my thoughts.”


Changing our mindset is doable on our own. I practice this myself on a regular basis. BUT, I spent years learning tools (and I’m still learning) and I am still being coached. 


While many of you are thinking that when it comes to your lack of confidence, your worries, your mental drama, your goals…it’s a private matter and something that you should be able to do on your own…I know that to see results faster, you want a coach.


Because when it comes to mental errors, mental loops, thoughts and perceptions, it is much easier to tackle them when someone else is witnessing them with us. I think of coaching as the art that shows my blind spots, so I don’t hit the same obstacles time after time.


92% of people do not accomplish the goals that they set on January 1st because they did not have an accountability partner, a commitment reminder and a blind spot mirror. All things you get when being coached.


So, is now the time to consider being coached?


If your answer to that is “no”, what is it costing you to delay the accomplishment of your goals????


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XO, Olga