This week, I had a chance to have a deep conversation with my assistant. After a photoshoot, me and my assistant went to lunch to celebrate and that gave me the chance to know more about her. 

 She opened up and said that sometimes she feels like she’s not where she needs to be, and that also brought me back to my own personal experience of the same situation. And as I’ve recently decided that anybody who works for me, will be coached by me, and I’m willing to do that, as long as that person is also interested. And this is the perfect moment to do that.

In this episode, I would like to share with you how my life became the perfect example of how your current circumstance doesn’t define your tomorrow.

Getting To Where I Am Now

Coming to Canada wasn’t easy for me. We came here as immigrants, fleeing conflict and persecution from my country. My dad had been kidnapped and was kept in captivity for four months. Later on, he was released after we paid the kidnappers a ransom. After his ordeal, my dad wrote a book which became popular, but this also led to death threats by the same people who kidnapped him.

We ended up leaving our country to live in Canada. It was not an easy transition. We didn’t know how to speak English, we didn’t know anybody, and we didn’t know their culture. It was so different from the life we were used to. Since we didn’t know how to speak the language, we had to look for a job that didn’t involve speaking, and that to us was cleaning. 

I became a cleaner, I cleaned the classrooms in our college and was not involved in any academic programs because I couldn’t communicate. It was a huge trajectory in my life. There was even a training program about immigrants who had high paying jobs in their countries, but had to accept simpler jobs in Canada because they couldn’t speak English. 

It’s easier to accept the current circumstance, be comfortable about it, and just welcome the thought that you’ll be that person forever. For a while that worked, just to get me by cleaning and accepting my current situation. But deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to be more…

Having A Vision

I knew I had to do something. I took any job I could. I slowly learned the language. I had so many struggles in the workplace, I got yelled at and made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t understand, but that didn’t stop me.

Instead, I programmed my mind that these challenges are needed for me to get to my destination. I never stopped dreaming, I simply saw it as a part of my journey. And although some people say hurtful words when I make mistakes, I didn’t let myself get affected. I knew where I belonged, I knew my value.

Fast forward, I got accepted into the School of Social Work, I kept learning English, Taught Spanish at the University, and just kept pushing myself to be better, I got out of my comfort zone.

Reaching My Destination

I have struggled with my English communication skills before, but with perseverance I am a life coach today, and English has become my voice to help people. There are more stories in my life where my circumstances seemed final, but I knew that they aren’t if we don’t let them be. It’s all about mindset, it’s all about having that will in you not to give up but push forward.

My Advice To You

Your current circumstances might be less than ideal and might be incredibly far from where you want to be. You are the boss, you are the director of your movie, and your movie is your life. Never let any of your circumstances become a forever, your responsibility is to understand where you want to go, and work towards your destination no matter how hard. Trust me, the journey is all worthwhile.


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