In everything we do, there are results from our actions. Results that can affect our mental health and emotional well-being. And sometimes, we have issues with owning our results. 

Moreover, there’s also owning the results of somebody else, which can cause you to feel burnout and self-neglect. 

Both of these are detrimental to our overall health, and it is important to understand it in order to do something about it. 

In this episode, I’d like to share how to own your results and not own the results of others. A topic that everybody can relate to, and a topic that can change the way you look at results.

Identify Your Results

When it comes to results, you have to identify what those are. Results are the by-product of our actions. It could be in relation to career, relationships, lifestyle, or life experience. It can affect us mentally and also emotionally. 

And knowing where we are at the moment, knowing the result of each aspect of our life, is the first step we have to take. Identify your results without judgement. And being able to identify results gives us the option to do something about it, to be responsible for it.

When we identify our results, we get to own our mental health and emotional health. And it creates a balance internally.

Stop Owning The Results Of Others

Sometimes, because we’re naturally compassionate, we own the results of others. The desire to help and see others in a good place pushes us to feel responsible for them. We are willing to do everything we can just to make sure they have good results.

No matter how pure our intentions are, there are conflicts that can arise from this. The first conflict is within ourselves. When we keep owning others’ results, it can cause self neglect. Because we’re too busy looking after others, we neglect our own needs, our own results. And most of the time this causes a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown.

The second conflict is they become dependable. Because we do everything for them, they end up depending on us too much. They are responsible for their own results, and even if we do it for them, they will always bounce back to their old habit, unless they make a change within their own volition.

Be Clear And Reinforce Boundaries

Knowing your results lead to clarity. And having a clear vision of future results gives you a sense of calm and achievement. 

Boundaries reflect respect, respect for yourself and respect for others. Setting a boundary for yourself sets your limits, and having limits that are much more achievable lead to a healthier overall status. While setting a boundary for others, subtly tells them that they are responsible for their own results. It leads them to become more independent.

It’s All About Choices

Everybody makes choices and those choices lead us to our results. If you are unhappy with your results, you have to take a look at your choices. Your results today are linked to your choices. Your choices are linked to your beliefs where you believe about yourself whether you believe it to be possible or not.

My Results, My Responsibility

At the end of the day, everyone deals with results. Whether it’s a positive or negative result, the only responsible person is you and no one else. If you need to review your results, do so as often as you need, and make changes to a better responsible you. Again, owning your results and letting go of the results of others lead to a healthier you.