Slow Flow/Meditation Yoga 

This is a gentle 60-minute class that starts with a gentle flow, moving the body with grace from pose to pose and preparing it to end with a passive Yin and meditative sequence. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to take it easy and relax. We recommended this slow pace class for all yogis, including the very advanced ones.




Hatha Flow Yoga with Music

Hatha flow with music is an awesome way to transition from the business of our daily lives to simply arriving to the flow of life. In this sequence, students work on mental discipline, body strength and flexibility. We recommend this class for all levels, including beginners. 

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Joga Regen 

Joga Regen is a 60-minute class that features a dynamic stretch session intended to restored overused and taxed muscles. This class includes long holds that will help you unwind unwanted physical tension and mental stress. This class promotes mental, physical and emotional regeneration.




Latin Yoga 

Latin Yoga is a fun 60-minute class that will guide you through a flow of yoga poses while listening to the uplifting sounds of Latin music. This class is fast paced, invigorating and full of flavour! Our very own studio founder will share with you a bit of her South American heart by putting together her favourite rhythms and yoga moves. Join us for a class that will make you glad to be alive!





Meditation is a 60-minute class that will help you transition into a state of reflection, relaxation and awareness. During this class, you will learn a meditation technique before being guided into a meditation that will calm your mind and body. This class is perfect for anyone who is feeling disconnected or needs to reset and shake off residue from a stressful experience, person or atmosphere.




Joga Strong 

Joga Strong is a 60-minute medium to high intensity class that utilizes breath and controlled movements. It will push you to your edge and build heat throughout your body. In this strength and conditioning session, specifically cued movements align your body to develop deep stabilizing muscles and focus on moving with your core. Look for your benchmarks each session and watch your body transform. 




Mindfulness 101 is offered once a month and it usually fills up quickly, so make sure you reserve your stop ahead of time.

Meditation 101 

Meditation 101 is a 60-minute class. In today’s world, we are all preoccupied with doing, and not enough time is spent on just BEING. Mindfulness 101 is designed to study and understand with more depth the ancient and wise teachings behind mindfulness. Olga, has spent 14+ years studying such teachings and her classes are down to earth, clear and very enriching. If you feel the need to have a change of perception in your life, if you want to learn healthier ways of relating to others and, if you are interested in having less emotional pain, or, if you simply want to learn more about mindfulness, this is a class for you.





Yoga HIIT is a 60-minute class that combines a flow warm-up and cool-down with high intensity interval training in between. This is a full body toning class where you will be eased into and eased out of the class by a mindful yogic practice. The class balances high intensity training with the calming effects of a yoga and meditation practice.

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Joga Foundations

Joga Foundations classes will lead you through JOGA postures and movements with more modifications to build your endurance, breath, alignment and body awareness for JOGA Strong, Energize & Balance. 

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Restorative Yoga 

Restorative Yoga classes are designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. We use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body.

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