Gentle Yoga & Meditation 

Gentle Yoga and Meditation is a 60-minute relaxing experience that combines gentle movement and guided meditation. With specific attention to syncing your breath to your movement, you will leave the class rested and ready to begin your weekend. The gentle yoga and meditation class gives you a moment to disconnect and recharge.




Latin Yoga 

Latin Yoga is a fun 60-minute class that will guide you through a flow of yoga poses while listening to the uplifting sounds of Latin music. This class is fast paced, invigorating and full of flavour! Our very own studio founder will share with you a bit of her South American heart by putting together her favourite rhythms and yoga moves. Join us for a class that will make you glad to be alive!




Mindfulness & Meditation 

Mindfulness & Meditation is a 60-minute meditation class that will help you transition into a state of reflection, relaxation and awareness. During this class, you will learn a meditation technique before being guided into a meditation that will calm your mind and body. This class is perfect for anyone who is feeling disconnected or needs to reset and shake off residue from a stressful experience, person or atmosphere.




Restorative Yoga 

Restorative Yoga is a 60-minute, no-sweat option for those who want to relax, feel fully supported and release deep tension. You body will be fully supported by strategically placed blankets, bolsters, cushions, blocks and shorts. By fully supporting the body, a natural state of balance, replenishment, healing and rest is invoked. During this class, you will drop into deep rest and repose.




Slow & Strong Yoga 

Slow & Strong Yoga is a 60-minute yoga class where you will move without hurry into challengingly achievable postures. Not hurrying allows you to safely savour each sensation by engaging both the body and mind with a slow and complete breath. This class will leave you feeling warm and deeply relaxed. Progressions and posture variations will be presented.

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Namaste & roll

Namaste & Roll is a 60-minute creative yoga class that incorporates a self-massage ball therapy session to ease muscle relaxation. You will leave this class rejuvenated and relaxed. Namaste & Roll is accessible to everyone.