Copy of Olga's Tribe

Olga's tribe is a dynamic group of professionals who are an extension of her expertise. These individuals bring so much more to the Olga's Way which is what makes Olga's Way so unique. Meet the tribe and see how they can enhance your experience.

Amy Mungham

Amy Mungham, RHN, is a holistic nutritionist & lifestyle coach. She teaches nutrition at the college level and operates a commercial healthy food production business focused on meal services.

Amy's values encompass the mind, body and spirit. She doesn't look at food as just fuel, but as a way to experience joy, healing, clarity, and physical ease. Amy uses food literacy to apply healthy values to an entire lifestyle, and gets to the core blockages disabling individuals from achieving sustainable health and happiness. Her private practice focuses on those with mental health issues, and those suffering from disordered eating—whether diagnosed, or as an unhealthy relationship with food. Email us to schedule a free mini phone consult to determine where you're at and what your needs are.

Maya Davies

Meditation & Yoga teacher

Maya started her journey into meditation after suffering several severe injuries that left her with limited mobility at a very young age. With a young baby on her hands, and no medical solutions to her pain, she turned to mind-body healing. With a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in both knees and a herniated disc in her lower back, she had little hope of finding a solution to her pain. With mediation and mind-body practices, Maya has been able to completely heal her back and knee pain and recently ran a 5k race, pain free.

Geneviève Beaudoin

Instructeur de Méditation & de Yoga – Français

Geneviève est ouverte aux nouvelles expériences dans la vie. Elle se passionne pour l’enseignement, le bien-être et l’entraide. Depuis 2015, le yoga et la méditation ont trouvés leurs places dans sa vie quotidienne. Elle sait que la méditation est une opportunité de prendre un temps pour soi afin d’observer et de réaliser les désirs profonds de l’individu. Se donner l’occasion de vivre au moment présent, d’agir consciencieusement pour trouver des solutions créatives et ancrées aux valeurs personnelles. La méditation est une façon de vivre pleinement le moment.

Jas Bhandal

Yoga Instructor

I'm a tea-drinking, food-loving, world-traveling yogi!  Being active has always been a part of my life. Before yoga, I earned a black belt in TaeKwonDo and have participated in several half marathons. Yoga was introduced into my routine in 2002 and I've been hooked on it ever since. Through yoga, I've discovered that the most powerful movement is found in a slower practice and in stillness. In stillness, we gain clarity and focus, we build strength, and we connect with our true self. I offer a space to help you awaken your inner and true self. It’s a space designed to empower, to step into your presence, and to understand how connected we truly are.

Audrée Moynan

Meditation Instructor

Audrée is a passionate meditation teacher trained by the Chopra Centre in California. Her focus is on wellbeing and happiness. Her meditation journey began in 2013 and she now runs a small wellbeing coaching business, Audrée Moynan Vibrant Life. 
She is a University of Ottawa graduate in Human Kinetics and a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP). Sharing her passion for meditation and exercise is what makes her truly vibrate.