Started going for walks, and then got too busy to continue?

Despite your best intentions of keeping to the goal, putting it in your calendar, telling others to keep you accountable…there was always something a bit more pressing.

If you are completely honest with yourself, while you would love to do those daily walks, deep inside you don’t believe it’s THAT important.

There is a strong built-in habit within you that has you convinced that if it is “just for you or about you”, it can wait.

Women are great nurtures. We love taking care of everyone. But, often, we don’t include ourselves in that nurturing love.

This blog post is to invite you to do that.

To give you permission to make YOU the most important person in your life.

To nurture and lovingly care for yourself like you do for those you love.

To create a new habit. The kind of habit that will enable you to stick to all the goals you set your mind to do. Whether that’s walking or, drinking more water.

Take a moment to ask yourself in what ways do you feel cared for now?

Starting to take responsibility of your own self-care and making it an urgent matter is the kind of skill that becomes available to you once you learn to use your mind in your favour.

Learning to manage your thinking is the first step towards all healthy relationships, especially the one with yourself.

One of the concepts you will learn inside Being the CEO of your own life is how to become consistent in taking time for yourself.

For starters, we meet up to five times a month. Twice privately with me and three times as a group. You may think those calls are not much, but they are where the magic happens.

When you join a community of women who meet weekly, you start fortifying the muscle of creating time for yourself on a weekly basis.

It starts as an obligation, it moves into a choice that brings you lots of satisfaction. As the muscle gets stronger through our calls, you will soon begin to apply it into other aspects of your life.

Before you know it, making time for you, and being consistent will become second nature.

What would change for you if, all of a sudden you felt deeply cared for? I bet there wouldn’t be much room for overwhelm, overthinking, or stress…right?

Our CEO registration closes soon. I am not sure what is stopping you from joining me in the best life coaching program that there is, but whatever it is, I promise you it is not as important as the results you will experience while being in the program.

Love Olga