A Practical Guide to Mindfulness

A Practical Guide to Mindfulness

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This online course is delivered through pre-recorded videos and sent directly to your mailbox in a weekly basis for 7 consecutive weeks.


Mindfulness offers a life style of awareness, healthy perceptions, happiness and compassion. This ancient practice has many teachings that integrate into anyone’s lives independently of their cultural, faith or social background. 

Olga has spent the majority of her professional years studying the philosophy of mindfulness and she has succeeded in the integration of those teachings into her personal and professional life. As a result, she is very passionate in this field and she does a great job teaching and passing those experiences to others.

Throughout her experience as a life coach and a meditation instructor, Olga has noted that when her students apply the 7 main principles of Mindfulness, they get a stronger and healthier relationship with themselves. They practice less self-sabotage and they have healthier relationships everywhere. Another positive consequence of integrating those principles is the decreased of stress, negativity and mental anxiety.

What are the 7 principles of mindfulness?

1- Non-Judging
2- Non-Striving
3- Acceptance
4-Letting Go
5- Beginners Mind
6- Patience
7- Trust

Each week will explore each of these teachings in detail and it will explore the steps needed to implement such a powerful teachings into a day to day routine.

This course is delivered online. Participants will sign up through this site and will be sent an email with the meeting invitations. The classes will take place over ZOOM (a free application that can be dowloaded in phones or computers). Olga will teach a different concept every week and the course will take place over 7 consecutive weeks. If a student misses a particular class, they could ask for a recording of the class. The class will happen live and participants will be able to participate and ask questions directly to Olga.

Benefits of this course:

  • Students will become familiar with the 7 principles of mindfulness.
  • Stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Increased patience and mental clarity.
  • Inner peace.
  • Mental freedom from worries and anxiety.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Better communication skills and healthier relationships.
  • Overall happiness. 


Who is this class for:

  • Women who are lacking self-acceptance, self-love and whose self-criticism is becoming harmful. 
  • Women who have a tendency to self-sabotage because they fear being happy.
  • Women who are constantly in a state of worry and self-judgment.
  • Women who suffer from anxiety.
  • Anyone interested in learning about mindfulness.
  • Women feeling mentally confused and in despair.
  • Women experiencing grief and fear.
  • Women wanting to work on their self-development and in healthier ways to related to themselves and others.