Introducing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Introducing Mindfulness into the Classroom

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This workshop is designed for teachers who want to introduce mindfulness into their classroom. The workshop will teach what mindfulness is, why it is important to introduce students to it, how it can help with class management, increased focus and how to achieve an overall a calmer environment in the classroom. The workshop involves hands on learning, didactic exercises and will leave you with a wealth of resources that you can use with most age groups.

Workshop’s Take Aways:

  • Understanding what Mindfulness is
  • Benefits of introducing students to a regular practice of mindfulness
  • The relationship between mindfulness and increased focus
  • Introducing mindfulness as a class management tool
  • Mindfulness exercises that can be applied in the classroom with students of all ages (4-16)

When: Saturday March 24th | 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM