Stress Reduction Workshop

Stress Reduction Workshop

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June 19, 2019 |  6 PM - 9 PM

The Stress Reduction workshop is designed to introduce you to tools to help you manage stress. Notably, participants will learn how mindfulness and meditation can help relieve stress. Participants will also be introduced to tools that can help them gain control over their inner state of mind. This workshop will also help participants shift their perspective on their current situation. Stress is inevitable, so learning how to cope with it can have a measurable impact. 

Workshop Takeaways: 

  • A better understanding of the stress in your body and mind
  • Concrete tools on how to best alleviate stress 
  • A renewed commitment to your health and well-being
  • A relaxed body and mind 

 Investment: $65

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat.