Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat

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October 28

Have you ever experienced feeling stuck in an area of your life and have no idea on how to get yourself unstuck and moving forward? Have you ever wondered why you seem to see the same patterns repeating themselves in your life over and over? 

There are many factors influencing how we feel and how we respond to different life events, but in this workshop we want to bring into your awareness and conciseness where your blocks have originated from and, help you move along. How we do that? through the magic of family constellations and mindfulness. This is a one-day retreat that will leave you feeling light and enlighten! 

Join Olga and Johanna on a journey to unleash your fears and arrive to your full potential.

Investment $179, lunch and snacks are included. 

Location: 1344 Youville Drive

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm