Journey to happiness 90 Day Group Coaching

$270.00 $147.00 SALE

The exact date of the meetings is to be determined.

The 90 Days Group Coaching Package:

This is an opportunity  develop and straighten your commitment to self-care, self-discipline and love. In this program, the participants will have access to a private facebook group where they can support each other and, where Olga will post motivational videos as well as answers to any questions.

Each month the group will have two phone calls via Zoom with Olga for 45 min. During one of the calls every person gets a few minutes in the “hot seat” where they get to ask questions to the group and hear feedback from them too. The other call Olga will teach on a subject of stress management and self-care.
At the beginning of every month, each client gets a 30 min strategic private phone call with Olga to establish goals for the months and to establish markers for progress. (How to measure progress during the 90 days) This will establish your accountability plan.
Who is this for?
– Highly motivated individuals who want to commit to their well-being
– Implementors; those who learn and apply concepts with minor motivation
– People who are ready for a change and are not afraid of taking the steps needed.
– Those who want to increase their confidence, improve their mindset and commit to a regular practice of self-growth.
The Investment:
Since this is a pilot project (Olga is running this particular type of program for the first time) she is offering it at an incredibly low cost. The condition is to commit to the three months and there will be no reimbursements.
Monthly Fee:
$270 plus HST. However, the pilot project monthly fee $147 plus HST. This fee will be discontinued after the pilot project ends.
The exact date of the meetings is to be determined. Every meeting will be recorded and made available in the private facebook group. All meetings are online. Additionally, everyone in this program will have access to the Monday night classes at Olga’s Way for the 90 days of the coaching program.