Tired? I see you out there!

Did you know that yawning is often misunderstood as just a sign that your brain needs more oxygen? In fact, it’s a bit more complex and interesting than that.

Yawning does more than just fill our lungs; it stretches the jaw and enhances blood flow. This action can invigorate us, making us feel more awake and alert. It’s a natural, physiological response that helps in adjusting our brain’s temperature and maintaining our alertness.

So, the next time you catch yourself yawning during a meeting, don’t feel embarrassed. It’s just your body’s way of keeping your brain in top shape, not merely a quest for more oxygen.

Now, this email isn’t just about the intricacies of yawning, as fascinating as they are. I’m actually here to talk about something that can be just as refreshing and revitalizing – “snack size” breaks.

I know you’re busy and the idea of taking a break during the day seems crazy, but hear me out…


Resting: Rest is not just beneficial for productivity; it’s essential for our health. It allows our nervous system to recalibrate and contributes significantly to our longevity.


I’ve observed that many clients struggle to incorporate rest into their busy schedules. Often, there’s a misconception that rest means lengthy naps, week-long vacations, or hours of uninterrupted relaxation.

However, I’d like to introduce a different perspective on rest. It doesn’t have to involve sleeping or extensive time commitments.

Think of rest as something that can be integrated into your day in small, manageable “snack size” segments. Interestingly, studies indicate that taking multiple short breaks throughout the day can significantly rejuvenate your brain and body, helping to mitigate the impact of daily stress.


So, what exactly is a “snack-size” rest break?


I’m excited you’re curious! Here are several easy-to-implement ideas for integrating brief rest periods into your daily routine:

  • Set a reminder to take several deep inhales.


  • Go for a short walk around the block.


  • Play your favourite song.


  • Do 5 jumping-jacks next to your desk.


Every time you feel tired during the day, take a snack-size break and reset your mood in minutes.


I hope this was interesting to read.


Love, Olga


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