detox the mind

I was weeding out my garden yesterday. I have been ignoring it for a few weeks because I had other end-of-summer priorities.

When I finally decided to go out and face the music, it felt a bit overwhelming. Like I had let too much time go by and now it feels almost pointless to do anything about it.

Have you ever felt that way about your own emotional well-being?

I know many of my clients have. How can you “weed out” the mind that has been left ignored for too long? I bet that also feels overwhelming.

Our mind is like a fertile ground, a garden. What we plant is what we see growing. But there are thoughts, ideas and beliefs that like the weeds of my garden, weren’t planted intentionally yet, there they were. Occupying space, filling up the soil and not bringing beauty or anything positive to my overall garden.

There were long roots in some of these weeds. I did my best to pull them out at once but in many instances, I needed to dig deeper to find the root. “Oh, this is exhausting” I thought. One frustration I hear often from my clients once they begin coaching is; “just when I thought I had it figured out, I see there is more work to do”.

My clients with perfectionist tendencies (so, all of them)  get triggered by this notion. To them, it feels that once this life-coaching work begins, they should never struggle again with their old thinking habits. But, I remind them, we are getting to the root and sometimes, it takes deeper digging.

Gardening is no easy task. It requires work, consistency and lots of paying attention.

You have to constantly weed out the bad weeds and constantly water, trim and pamper the nice flowers. Like our minds, they need time, care and dedication.

I fell in love with life coaching when I saw that happened to me as a result of being coached. Having an accountability person who would keep me doing the things that made the garden flourish. I felt stronger, more confident and more understanding of who I am and what I need. That is the reason I switched my practice from therapy to coaching. Because I want to teach more women the tools needed to take care of their garden and plant their own flowers.

If life-coaching is a foreign concept for you, think about it as gardening. Something that can take hard work, dedication but also, something full of beautiful rewards and great fruits that YOU create.

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Let’s get your mental health, like the beautiful garden that it can be.

Sending love your way,