reset your mindset

A membership program designed to help YOU process emotions, clear your mind from worry, and get out of your own way to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

reset your mindset

A membership program designed to help YOU process emotions, clear your mind from worry, and get out of your own way to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Have you ever had a thought enter your mind and within seconds your heart is racing to the max, your body’s temperature gets insanely hot, you are not sure why but, suddenly you really have to go to the washroom like NOW, you lose track of how much time has gone by since that thought entered your mind because it feels like it put you in a stand by? You don’t see what’s around you, you don’t hear anything either. All you can hear and feel is that one thought that entered the mind and keeps replaying.

What if my thought is true?

That question on its own intensifies all the feelings mentioned above. You try your best to push the thoughts away. You grab your phone and scroll down until you realize that’s not working. You go to the kitchen to eat, nope, you are not hungry. You really want to feel better and not have that thought disturbing your peace but you cannot get it out no matter how hard you ignore it and refuse it.

To others, you look the same as always, maybe a little quieter. No one suspects that inside you are feeling insanely afraid and worried. No one can tell that you are breathing fast and that you are shaking and sweating.

Have I gone crazy? Why do I feel so out of control in my own head? Does this mean I need a psychiatrist and medication? Have I become that girl??????

The panic starts dissipating maybe a few days later… you still feel weak, like it could come back any time. Your body is exhausted and your sleep has not been restful.

The smallest of things happens and you react full force like it had been a big deal. The person on the other side asks: “what’s wrong with you?” This is such a small thing that happened. You even lack the clarity to see this has been connected to your anxiety earlier, now you feel guilty for reacting and add “do not be angry” to the endless list of things to improve about yourself.

When will I feel right? Enough? Mentally strong? When will I feel like myself?

If any of what I just wrote resembles a tiny bit of how you feel on a regular basis, trust me when I say, there is no time to spend in trying to figure this out by yourself.

Anxiety is hard enough and it’s easier to combat it with a coach! But coaching and therapy can be expensive, and it never included a community! I created the perfect mix of community, help and self-directed work at the price of a nice pair of jeans! So you no longer have to sacrifice mental health and well-being!

Reset your mindset is a membership program and an opportunity to practice self-growth on a regular basis.

What it is:

  • A program to help you create and sustain a healthy and positive outlook in life.
  • An opportunity to get therapeutic and life-coaching training to eventually self-coach.
  • A monthly reminder that you are not alone, a community to support you as you make important changes in your life.
  • An opportunity to practice self-growth on a regular basis.
  • A system to keep you accountable to being kind, compassionate and loving towards yourself.
  • An affordable way of being coached by me.

The Program

This membership focuses on helping individuals navigate through life with the tools to feel all emotions, to practice mindfulness, to improve their relationships with themselves and others, to learn highly effective tools to change their mindset to be healthy and healthy. It is also a great resource for managing stress, mental health and overall emotional and physical health. 

There are four core pillars to this program and each month the trainings vary between these pillars:

The heart

So emotions are complicated, I don’t need to tell you that right? and so are relationships. One of the main core pillars of this program is to help you cultivate within you the conditions to have healthier and more loving intimate relationships. To understand your emotions and how to manage them. To grow the courage and understanding to be YOU and to let others love you for who you are. This is a crucial pillar in the shaping of your emotional mindset.

The Soul

Self-care and self-love are the things we often let out of our to-to-lists. Yet, if we have no one filling up our own cup, we end up in burnout and in a mental and emotional overdraft. This pillar focuses on teaching you sustainable ways to take care of your own needs…even when things are tough and you don’t that’s possible.

The Mind

Another pillar to celebrate! our minds can and are wild, right? imagine getting tips, tricks, challenges and the adequate support to learn how to tame and discipline your mind away from worry, unhappiness, hopelessness, confusion, depression, stress and much, much more. This is where we will talk all things mindfulness and where you will learn how to integrate therapeutic and life-coaching strategies into our every day activities.

The Body

This could not be a holistic program if it didn’t include the body. We are complex beings and all of our internal systems are connected. In order to properly support our minds and our emotions, we must also care for our bodies. This pillar will focus on life style, movement and nutrition. We will provide you with supports and guest speaker trainings to succeed at taking care of your pretty amazing body.

Who is it for?

✔ For individuals who have been contemplating counselling or coaching for a while but have been too busy believing their own excuses.

✔ For individuals willing to make a difference in their lives NOW.

✔ For anyone willing and open to letting go of limiting beliefs and unhealthy mind habits.

✔ For individuals who have been wanting to have a therapist or a coach in their pockets (literally)!


How does it work?

  • The commitment to the membership is for 3 months minimum.
  • All work is done online.
  • If you have private benefits, you can likely get coverage for your fees under Register Social Worker services.

What’s Included in Your Membership:

Reset Your Mindset Membership

Cost: $97 a month.

✔One video training a month to be viewed at your convenience.

✔Workbook to follow along.

✔One Q&A live call on zoom, also recorded so you can watch later.

✔You can submit questions ahead of time to be answered anonymously in the Q&A call.

✔All calls are recorded and save for viewing in case you miss them.

✔Access to a private support group on Facebook.

Time to take inspired action

I cannot wait to be in this journey with you!

I know, this membership program really does include everything one can possibly want! If you have any questions please hit replay to this email and ask away. I know that this is really a no brainer, it is just a matter of choosing what is best suited for you!


This program runs all year along and you can join any time

Meet Your Coach

My name is Olga Lacroix and I’m kind of known as a happiness dealer.

As a certified social worker, yoga instructor, Reiki Master and mindfulness coach I am committed to helping women just like you rewire their thinking, find their purpose and live their lives fulfilled and happy. 

I am no stranger to stressful life and health circumstances…which is why I am so committed to helping women like you learn how to deal with them in a holistically healthy way. My interest in counseling and social work grew shortly after moving to Canada as a refugee. Since then, I have been committed to helping countless women connect to their true selves.

Together we are going to help you set goals, clear the clutter in your mind, slay the doubt dragons, and manage  anxiety and stress … so you can be the very best version of yourself. 

I am committed to not only listening to you, but to giving you the tools needed to thrive, no matter what life throws your way.


“Just wanted to say, WOW. I listened to this month’s video this evening and everything makes so much sense to me when you describe the pillars and ask how a CEO would respond. Totally realized how I’ve been passive and letting life happen by non-reacting and not taking responsibility in certain areas of my life. It’s like a light bulb went off! So powerful.”


“I am implementing your advice every day and I’m seeing changes, little by little day by day. Today, I was able to totally reframe my thoughts about being imperfect. I sat down after that, took a breath.  Put my hand on my heart and was kind to myself.  I reframed it in paper and challenged the bully, something I was so afraid of before”


“I’m super excited about this program!!  I’ve worked with Olga on and off throughout the years and just love her – for those of you who don’t yet know her hold on to your hats because awesomeness awaits!  Being a preschool teacher and a Mom to a beautiful 13 year old daughter, I’m looking forward to continued learning and growing not only for myself but to share these incredibly valuable mindset tools with my sweet girl.”


“I am so happy to be in this program and to always keep learning especially as a group. I’ve known Olga for a couple years now and so happy to reconnect with her and to regain my energy towards myself mentally and physically. Olga has taught me what kindness,compassion and living in the moment is.  I have a six-year-old boy who needs a healthy example and so I’m doing this for us and my husband”


“I’m a 24-year-old mom to a 10-month-old boy. I’ve been working with Olga alongside my husband for close to 2 years. We started seeing her after the loss of our first pregnancy, and never stopped! I too am very excited to have our very own “pocket therapist,” and an amazing, trusted one at that!”