Resistance to new habits?



I was listening to a great book Atomic Habits and from all their amazing suggestions to create new habits, the one that I liked the most is this one:

Be a part of a culture that lives the way you want to live. Community is what forms our “normal”.

While I suggest you read the book, I’m gonna dive deep on this concept because I think is brilliant at many levels (also research-proven).

When you want to create a new habit such as saving money, but your friends, your family and people around you do not have that habit, you can easily continue to have the habit of saving money on a “wish list” that likely you will continue to postpone.

But if everyone around you is a “money saver”, you are far more likely and with a lot less resistance, to start to practice that habit.

So, hang out with people who are already doing the habits that you want to start having because whether we like it or not, we are copy-cat humans. We like to imitate what we see.

Are you imitating habits that you enjoy?

The book concludes that group settings are ideal for influencing our behaviour in the way we want to behave. So, if I didn’t love group coaching already, I am even MORE in love with the idea of it serving everyone in a more powerful way through group.

When women join a group of other women who are striving to think clearly, positively and powerfully, their minds and behaviours begin (without resistance and with motivation) to follow the lead. How amazing is that?

Something for you to keep in mind if you are wanting to implement better and healthier thinking habits (away from overwhelm, overthinking and procrastination). As a reminder, I’ve opened the VIP list for future Reset Members and you can join it now.

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Love, Olga