Our client’s share their experiences with Olga’s Way Coaching in their own words. 

“I was recently diagnosed with kidney stones and need surgery. Before today’s Reset session, I would have bawled my eyes out but now I just view it as an “event” and then end result is that I want the damn stones out, this is legit life changing. Priceless, Huge! Where have you been my whole life?

I felt really good after just one session of Reset. I feel so excited, in a way I feel like I am breaking away as the prisoner of my own thoughts if that makes sense. When you spoke about intrusive thoughts, that has also helped me immensely. I use it every day. I wanted to thank you for already making a huge impact in my life.”


Reset your Mindset Client

I was fortunate to work with Olga in two ways. First, she helped me to set aside my emotional burdens and cluttered thinking so I could experience the authentic me. Then, based on this authenticity, Olga encouraged me to plot a new, more fulfilling professional course. She provided tools, coaching and referrals to get me started and later, she provided business coaching to support me.  Every single support that Olga shared was on point, curated for me, and has led me to success.


Olga's Way Coaching Client

“I want to say Olga has changed my life but I feel that would be the opposite of what she has been coaching me over the past year and a half. Instead, Olga has helped ME change MY LIFE, for the better. She has made me understand how much power I have to make changes, to grow, to fail but then to try again and again. I wouldn’t say my life’s journey has been smooth, but it has been a journey and my journey alone. Olga has taught me the importance of self-love and what my priorities in life are. I feel confident in saying that Olgas is such an important person in my life and this journey would not have been possible without her help.


Olga's Way Coaching Client

“I am grateful for this experience, for your guidance Olga as well as the other ladies in the group. Olga as if you say you “hope” for us to keep a piece of this with us forever…my mean inner voice has to compete with you now lol You have forever impacted my inner dialogue.


Reset Your Mindset Member

“I have dealt with anxiety for so long. Through Reset your Mindset and The CEO of your own life, I have learned so many strategies to help me get out of my own way. The difference that it has made in my life is immeasurable. Lately, Olga taught us how to use the “Thought work formula” and it has been such a game changer. When confronted with a difficult situation I can now guide myself out of my anxiety into my desired results, thoughts (positive self-talk) and feelings (calm, focused, etc). It is hard work at first to rewire the brain, and create new pathways, but the end result is by far the most rewarding. I am embracing the change and celebrating all the success it is bringing!

In one session with Olga I resolved a blockage I had for 10 years and no therapy ever did that for me.


Member of Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life

You should bottle your product. This shit works!

Woke up energized, 15 minute workout done without a fight in my mind… then even an hour bike ride without it feeling like a task… freaking mind bending! Lol

My daily tasks are almost all done and it it not even noon!


Olga's Way Coaching Client

“I met Olga through her meditation classes and instantly felt a connection with her.  Taking the next step and deciding to work with Olga has been transformative and extremely empowering.  I’ve made progress that I wasn’t sure was possible and have unlocked potential that now seems endless.  My life has been profoundly impacted by opening my mind and trusting Olga’s process.

Working with Olga has been nothing less than liberating and rewarding. Olga seems tailor-fit to help me with my challenges and has guided me to a more balanced and happier life. I would highly recommend Olga as a life coach.

Working with Olga has been extremely motivating and empowering.  I’ve made changes that seemed too big to tackle and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Melissa H

Olga's Way Coaching Client

“…within minutes of her guiding a meditation for me, I felt my body and mind relaxing. Two sessions later, I was already feeling incredibly better.


Olga's Way Coaching Client

“Working with Olga has changed my life. She has guided me through difficult moments when I thought change was impossible. Through her coaching she has helped me set attainable goals, and find strategies and practices to believe in myself again. She is extremely committed to our time together and makes a positive difference in my life. If you are looking at hiring a life/mindset coach, I 100% recommend hiring Olga.

Being part of this community gives me a place to turn to and has given me an opportunity to lean on and learn from so many women. It’s allowed me to grow so much more than if I was doing it on my own.


Olga's Way Coach ing Client and Member of Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life

“I went from being broke, not knowing where my family’s next meal was going to come from, to making consistent 10k months because I finally believed in myself. The commitment, the discipline and the self-love were never there before I did mindset work. I cannot recommend this type of work enough. I know investing can be scary but doing things with fear is so much better than living life paralyzed by fear.


Reset Your Mindset Member

“I feel accomplished, I have moved in a good direction. I have taken action on dealing with my anxiety and I have created a new reality for myself..


Reset Your Mindset Member

“Olga helped me deal with some mental and emotional issues I had after leaving my marriage. It took some time, but our regular meetings made me be the better person I am today. Olga introduced me to mindfulness and meditation. Working with Olga I learned to let go of the past, I faced my fears and I have learned to value myself and to recognize that I am worthy. Working with Olga helped me reclaim my own personal power. 

[Reset Your Mindset] can change your life. In short weeks, it has already benefited me in so many ways, and will continue to do so as I continue to practice what I have learned. This course showed me how to cultivate mindful awareness at home, at work, in my conversations with myself and others. Olga is a very generous coach. She shares some of her personal experiences, while giving wise advice and instructions to open the door to the world of mindfulness. Olga invites us to ask ourselves some difficult questions to get to know ourselves better, our perceptions, our beliefs as well as our unconscious habits. She shows us how to bring awareness and be present in our own lives, to be authentic, and to have more meaningful relationships. Olga has awakened me to the beauty of the present moment.


Olga's Way Coaching Client and Reset Your Mindset Member

Even though I have never spoken to Olga, she has made an incredible difference in my life. Over the past few years, the advice she has imparted to my wife has made our marriage stronger and more loving. Indeed, Olga’s advice has always been wise and timely. There have even been many instances when my wife has used Olga’s inspirational words to counsel my own adult siblings who were living through their own relationship issues. Olga’s way is one of compassion and understanding. She has been a gift to my wife and I…and I thank her for that.”


Olga's Way Coaching client's husband

“I love how intimate this group felt. I got to “meet”all the women and feel so close to them. I have become grounded. I have uncovered my purpose. I am prioritizing myself…FINALLY and I feel I am on the right path.


Reset Your Mindset Member

“Being in this group has given me so much self-awareness. I used to beat myself up to succeed. Being here made me realize I could continue to succeed without the “beating up part” so success is far more fun now.


Member of Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life

“Most notably, working through my anxiety. Before starting this coaching, I didn’t even really realize how consumed I was by anxiety. I knew I had anxiety, but as it was slowly being chipped away through coaching, I started having anxiety-free days. This took a lot of work. I remember the first anxiety-free day I had vividly this year. In that moment, I realized I had gone almost 4 full years with anxiety controlling me and my days. I only realized once I started having days then a full week free of anxiety- how much it really weighed on me. I didn’t change, but my thinking has started to change. I still have moments of anxiety, but through coaching I am now able to better work through those moments.


Reset Your Mindset Member