Where did this month go?

Seriously, just a few weeks back I was saying Happy Thanksgiving, and now here I am typing; Hello LAST week of November!!!

Time is one of those things we all perceive differently. For years I felt like I had no time for anything, now I find that time goes fast, but I get to do all the things that matter within that time. Again, a tiny change of perception makes a MASSIVE difference in life.

Here is what I have noticed…when I set my intentions and when I clear my mind to focus on what matters to me and give myself the privilege of becoming my own priority; not only do I show up in such a beautiful way to my family and clients, but I have seen that they, in turn, have given themselves permission to take care of themselves. I witnessed my husband say a few times now that he has worked enough and that he will take a break in the middle of the week to go to reconnect with himself (and no, I did not feel jealous I was so happy for him). I have heard my son ask for his book and walk himself towards his crib, asking me in his own way, to let him rest. I have seen my clients dedicate time to move, to journal, to watch mindset videos, to say “no”, to give themselves compliments…I have slept better and I have deepened my appreciation for myself, as a mom, as a wife, and as a coach.

We often get trapped in thinking that in order to love ourselves we must become “rude” so that we can spend time with ourselves, we must do BIG, complicated things, totally fueling our minds with fears and convincing ourselves that self-love is just too much work. But what if we knew that all it really takes is small, consistent, intentional steps?

What if you knew to catch the ways in which your mind plays with your thinking and perceptions making you believe that everything is more complicated than it actually is? What if you knew the exact process to rewire the way you think without the need to speak to a coach but feeling like you did?

What if the best act of self-love you could take today was to learn the ins and outs of how your mind works and how to get it unstuck? How to ditch perfectionism and limiting beliefs in order to set yourself free from the perceptions that currently hurt your MOST IMPORTANT relationship, the one with yourself?

I am here to remind you that all those are within your reach! You just need to DECIDE that YOU matter, and take inspired action. Today, I am inviting you to join me inside Detox the Mind ($300 off until Sunday, Nov.28/21 using code”blackfriday”. A complete course where I will walk you through how to clear your mind from fear and limiting beliefs and through the implementation of new empowering, but small habits that can begin to change how you relate to yourself, to others, and to your own life. Self-love and self-care is so much more than a bubble bath, it is the dedication, the consistency, and yes, at times the investment and the getting out of our comfort zone in order to learn new ways.

I am a click away from teaching you my most researched and proven tools to help you rewire the mind from fear to power, from enemy to ally, from perfectionism to unconditional love, from anxiety to stillness, and from obstacles to possibilities.

One of my life purposes is to pass on everything I know about what has served me in my personal life to overcome difficulties and what has helped my clients live a happier and intentional life in an accessible way. Detox the Mind is all of that wrapped in one product. I know not everyone can or want to do therapy, coaching, or belong to a membership. Some of us rather have a one-time stop but with life-long access. Because of that, I created this course that literally has all of my best “how-tos” to rewire our worst-case scenario, anxious and restrictive mind. You do not need to do this alone, and you certainly do not have to do the research yourself! I have done it all for you 🙂

So if you are ready to not just say “I love myself” but to actually put it into practice, click below and get yourself started in this empowering process of detoxifying your mind.

Say goodbye to the obstacles, the excuses, and the fears, what’s on the other side IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

With love,

Olga xoxo