If you ask me, I firmly believe that life coaching brings out the best in humanity. The self-awareness and self-reflection we learn from life coaching gives us the power of making decisions from a place of knowledge. Thus, I believe life coaching is an asset and a well worth investment. However, there’s a difference between wanting to have a life coach and needing one. 

In this episode, I would like to share with you how to differentiate needing from wanting. It is vital for everyone to know how to differentiate the two not just when it comes to knowing if you should have a life coach but also as a general skill in life. 

Do I Need A Life Coach?

Anything that comes from the energy of needing is fear based. In fact, if we engage in a coaching relationship (or any relationship) from a place of need, we will get less value from the experience and possibly feel anxious about it while it lasts. That is because you are not entering the relationship from an empowered position, instead you’re entering from a self-perception of being broken and feeling the need to have somebody else to ”fix” you.

Life coaching is not about looking for someone to fix you, it’s all about your desire for self growth, learning, and becoming a better version of yourself. 

When Should I Have A Life Coach?

When you are ready for self-growth, ready to learn, and ready to commit and give your 100%, that’s when you should have a life coach. Life coaching is a two way process, while your life coach gives you the necessary steps to take, you are responsible to take action. 

How Can A Life Coach Help me?

In my experience having a life coach helped me a lot, not just in my career but also in my personal growth. Without a doubt, I’m a better business owner, a better mom, a better wife, a better human, and I have a better relationship with myself because of the work I’ve done with my coaches throughout the years. 

A coach holds hope on your behalf, and encourages you when you’re feeling demotivated and they know the right buttons to push you to move towards action. A coach’s main role is to see your blindspots.

Ultimately, a coach helps you understand that’s blocking you, the root of the problem and will guide you to create that desired change.

Walk Away From The Energy Of Need

It is so important that we just drop the energy of need and enhance that energy of wanting instead. If you bring neediness not just in coaching but in any relationship, it  negates a personal experience for you and for the other people involved. On the other hand, wanting to grow, to learn, to become better is the energy you need to walk toward.

Biggest Lessons Of Coaching

I’ve learned a lot from being coached. And here are some of the most important ones. First of all it has unlocked the manifester. Since I had a coach I am far more focused, and far more present. And I think better about what it is that I want, and when I put all of my energy to work, it is for a greater purpose, one that I have thought through. Learning to pause and not being impulsive has been of incredible value to me.

I’ve learned to self coach out of my own blockages. When I’m caught in a blockage, I learned to ask myself how to get out of it. I have learned to trust myself, trust that I can handle things on my own. And with that, I gain the trust of my clients that I can help them figure it out too. By doing the work myself, I’m helping other people trust and do the work themselves.

So if you ask me, should you have a life coach? Without a doubt, my answer is yes. Find your tribe, find your person, and invest in coaching from a place of wanting not needing. Then apply this to every relationship in your life.


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