Stop complaining.

We all think we don’t do it until we realize we totally do it.

I was coaching one of my Being of CEO clients and she was so surprised to realize that what she thought was “communicating her frustrations” was nothing more than plain complaining. 

We spent the session learning together why she was so attached to complaining as a mechanism to deal with her frustrations. Why that was not helpful to solve the frustration, to her stress levels or, to those around her who listen to her “venting”.

We came up with some interesting steps to help her and others, stop complaining. We looked at what is the “complainer” lacking when it turns to complaining instead of problem solving and, we uncovered the root cause of this undesirable mental habit.

I was so fascinated by what we uncovered during her session, that I recorded a whole episode for you in the Journey to Happy podcast.

You can listen to it here! 

PS: I know it’s a habit. I know it sounds like “venting” and that seems to be a relief from the heaviness of what’s bothering you… But is it really?

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