Years ago, I was a former therapist and clinical social worker. But very early on in my professional career as a clinician, I also became certified as a mindfulness instructor. And at that time, my only goal was that I had more tools to help my clients. What I didn’t know is that as I was being certified, I have to be a student of mindfulness and practice. I realized that I had a very solid habit of running away from me, avoiding any scenario where I had to be with myself.

In this episode, I would like to share with you how to stop running away from yourself. How mindfulness is the key to stop running and how impermanence can teach you to be confident and resilient to take on life’s challenges. 

Learning how to stop running away from yourself is all about learning how to love you.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to mourn, blink and let go. Mindfulness is when you blink your eyes, and then that moment is gone. Mindfulness is the ability to just grieve. 

And being a mom has been the greatest gift, because it taught me to become mindful. I get to enjoy every moment I have with my son, because in the blink of an eye, that’s all gone. The ability to blink and let go is something that I work at every day, because although those moments are with me forever, we realize that thoughts come and go. So do the emotions that those thoughts bring.

Attachment To Fear 

When a traumatic event happens, the thought and emotion will leave eventually, but we could not let go of it entirely because we cannot grieve the letting go of the thought. 

The bizarre part is that we have a hard time letting go of that blink and that let go, even when the thought is negative. What’s interesting is that not all are so invested in being authentic, they want to be in the moment, they want to be as truthful to themselves as they can be. But when they think of life in the lenses of impermanence, where things are always changing. They are filled with fear, and they don’t show up as authentic. So the more insight that we can have about impermanence, the more stability we create.

Stability does not come from knowing all the unknowns and the future. But it’s understanding that there’s impermanence in everything that we experience in life. 

The Beauty Of Impermanence

Whether what happens is good or bad, we still get attached. But when we realize that everything is impermanent it changes how we think. Especially in traumatic or stressful events, realizing that that situation is not permanent brings healing and hope. 

Mindfulness is the grace of ability to let go of the moment. That is when we open up to the nature of our reality when we notice that it is neutral that our reality is just the way it is. We create resiliency and confidence once again.

Embracing Impermanence & Suffering

Impermanence teaches us to be in the moment, experience each of those moments with our whole heart without being afraid of letting go of that moment. Learning how to stop running away from yourself is all about learning how to love you.

Running away from you is the lack of mindfulness in your life, the lack of being present. Allowing yourself to grieve or have the ability to create the blink and let go. This practice is not a practice of self improvement, and you’re not fixing yourself, but instead you’re reuniting. It’s learning how to let go, have confidence, that there is something underneath of what you’re always creating, which is much better. That’s when we become free to be whoever we are. It’s the reunification with self, that you become really authentic.

And in moments of suffering, gain insight from it. It is the suffering that builds up our confidence, so embrace the suffering. Embrace the craving of wanting to get out, but choose to not run away and choose to lean towards love instead of avoidance.

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