This week you have the opportunity to stop things that no longer work for you, start things that are better for you, and delegate whatever doesn’t need to be done by you.


That short reflection is what makes life feel; light, fun and easy.


What’s in store for you this last week of March?


I just got home a few days ago after two magical weeks in Florida. My intention this week is to POUR my heart into my Detox participants, to decorate my home for Easter and to book outings with friends.


Having spent two weeks away from home (one of which was full on vacation) reminded me of the importance of taking breaks.


When you think of taking a break, I bet you think of sitting at home doing nothing, right?


That’s one type of break. But not the only one.


These past two weeks reminded me that sometimes changing up our routine offers a break.


I still went to the gym, made my bed, cooked meals, played with my son, had coffee…etc…but I did it in a different place, at different times than I’m used to and that alone felt as regenerating as taking a break. Because it was.


So, for what it’s worth, see if you can take a break from doing things like you normally do. Let the changes feel regenerating.


XO, Olga

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