It’s the quiet ones that exude the most power. This is because their transformation from shyness to loud strength requires a stronger level of work and dedication to themselves.

In today’s episode, I speak with Lina, who in my head is an underdog. She came into the Reset Your Mind course just identifying the many things she had to work through and really doubting herself. She wanted to progress in her career and was too afraid of moving forward because of previous life experiences in Colombia. She became aware that she was afraid of leading and didn’t know how. She needed to learn from other courageous women that have overcome really difficult situations in life. 

With a shift in her mindset, Lina was able to accomplish higher levels of confidence and so much more.

I started thinking positively. It was like, I can do it all! So I felt comfortable. I felt confident.” – Lina

In this episode you will learn:

  • Lina’s transformation from an underdog to a confident woman 
  • How changing one’s mindset can change everything around you
  • Giving yourself permission to go slowly

From Self-Doubt to Complete Confidence

I call Lina an underdog because she was not feeling happy with herself and the person she became. She was struggling with her work and felt locked in. Lina also had issues with her confidence due to being a Colombian immigrant with an accent in Canada. She didn’t feel good enough.

In reality, Lina was having a lot of self-doubts and felt incapable of doing things anymore. So this became a wake-up call for her as she asked herself why this was happening to her. She had a pattern in her head and she was overthinking a lot and couldn’t get out of that. She also wanted to see her problems from a different perspective and to understand that her problems can be solved. She wanted to take action towards accomplishing her goals and adapting to expected and unexpected life events. 

She decided she needed a change but was very quiet and slow about it. Like I wrote earlier, not only has she accomplished what I think she came to get, but so much more and she did it quietly. She would just show up to the calls, send emails from time to time, and say what she did with each meeting. 

Lina knew she needed to get help by being with herself and really understanding her feelings. For her, this would be the best way to disconnect from her mental drama. So she started doing the thought work by getting past her shyness and anxiety. She started changing her mindset to more positive thoughts. She felt comfortable with failing and with this new confidence, Lina received a transformation in her relationships, money, and physical and mental health.

By going slowly and believing that less is more, Lina also became more productive. She realized that trying to accomplish too much and too fast, would deprive her of the opportunity to live in the process and in the happiness this journey brings.

So just like Lina, take a leap of faith, love yourself with self-care and enjoy the journey. My doors will be opening soon for the September cohort of my Reset Your Mindset group. I’m also going to be offering a Detox The Mind, five-date live coaching session on September 12. So if this is for you, if you are a perfectionist, attached to achievements, overdoing, constantly fed up with your own mind, wanting to get a break from thinking so much from feeling disappointed from being so hard on yourself. I want to coach you through that.

About Lina

Lina is a new learner and Science lover. She studied Industrial Microbiology in Colombia. She is a detailed oriented person. However, she is capable of knowing when paying attention to detail is a must and when paying attention to detail is not required. She immigrated to Canada and is trilingual. She speaks English, French and Spanish. She is also a mom and a loving wife. She enjoys working in Science related fields. But she also enjoys trying new body challenges, like Zumba, yoga, Bootcamp, climbing, painting, dancing, singing, handcrafting, and surfing with the goal of having fun and breaking the routine. She also wants to develop her skills in finance management, workload management, effective time management, and communication. This is to feel satisfied with the work she does every day while making the income that supports her goals.