Christmas is just around the corner! Like me, a lot of people are into the spirit of Christmas. The gift giving, celebration, and time with family and friends excites us. However, not all of us feel the same. Some people dislike this occasion, and that’s for a lot of different reasons…

Some people may link Christmas to a bad memory, or it could be financial stress, or it could even be the mood the cold weather brings in December. I think it is important to be aware that not everyone loves Christmas, and that this is the opportunity to practice that Christmas spirit by showing our presence for these people.

In this episode, I would like to encourage you to think about who could really use some of your love and presence. Christmas is not just all about the material gifts, the food, and the celebration. Christmas is more than that, it is all about the people. And our presence is by far the best gift we can give and receive.

Losing Someone…

Five Christmases ago, I lost one of my closest friends. It was a shocking loss for me, and it made me realize that someone somewhere could be suffering in silence and we are unaware. Then a couple of years ago, my husband witnessed another death  during this time of the year. It made me even more aware that there are really people out there suffering. And so, I decided to be of service to everyone, through my presence. 

The Inspiration Behind Journey To Happy

The inspiration behind the podcast and my program Become the CEO of Your Life was my late friend. I wasn’t able to help her then, and I vowed to be of service to the community, to those who need someone. Through my podcast and through the program, I get to be that someone for the women I coach.

My Gift For You

And this season, I have a gift for you. I would like to offer a one time free coaching session with me. If you don’t feel well, or someone you know doesn’t feel well, and you need someone to talk to, you can reach out to me. But this offer is only through the podcast, and only the first five people who email me right after the podcast episode will get a one time free session. And together we will explore what’s making you feel this way, and what will be the next steps for you. 

What Is The Best Gift This Season?

Most of the time we shower our loved ones with presents during Christmas. It is the time of the year where we splurge on material things. But, are these really the best gifts this Christmas? 

I believe, more than anything, our presence, our time is the best gift we can offer. The memories we make, the smiles, the joys, will linger to the person we’re spending it with. An experience they will treasure for the rest of their life. A gift no amount of money can amount to.

When Christmas Traditions Are Not For You

However, if Christmas doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to do anything. Don’t force yourself to attend parties or do traditions that you’re not happy to do. Gift yourself with the freedom to choose, and avoid unnecessary tensions with your loved ones. Do things that only make you happy.

What Are Your Values?

For me, the first and most important thing is family. Christmas is all about family. Growing up, this is what my parents taught me, and what I have been teaching my son too. And the second most important thing is giving, receiving, and just creating memories. And if you’re finding yourself stressed about gifts or Christmas, you have the power of choice. Choose to be authentic, choose the traditions that speak to you. Know the values that are true to you.

It’s All About Connection…

Throughout the podcast, I have mentioned that our presence is the best gift we can give this holiday, and that means connecting not just with the people we love, but also the other people around us. We never know what other people are going through, and a simple gesture of care and effort to connect might make a huge difference in their life or what they’re going through.

This Christmas, think of someone who needs an ear to listen to, a friend to talk to, or even a shoulder to cry to. Christmas is about giving and receiving. And the best gift you can give is your presence. 

Bring your heart to good use this Christmas, let go of what’s useless and not helpful. And join the force of love and the universe will support.


This season, I have a gift for you! I would like to offer a one time free coaching session with me. If you don’t feel well, or someone you know doesn’t feel well, and you need someone to talk to, you can reach out to me. This offer is only limited to the first five people who email me right after this podcast episode. Connect with me on my  email or Click here and let’s chat!

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