I’ve got a confession to make. Lately, I’ve been telling my son more times than I ideal, “not now, son”.

Despite how much I understand that boundaries is one of the best gifts I can teach my son for his emotional and mental well-being, those days when the thing that he wanted to do with me, doesn’t happen, I can’t help but feel guilt.

If you also happen to be a parent who at the end of the day has some regrets swirling around in your mind and guilt brewing in your belly, here is the thing that I’ve learned to do for myself that has allowed me to organize the guilt and the “I know this is best” feelings:

1. Acknowledging that sometimes placing boundaries seems unfair and feels heavy (yet it’s not unfair, it’s real life and it’s healthy).


2. Some days you can say “yes now” and you do when you can.


3. Whisper to yourself; Even though I’ve been saying “not now” more times lately than I want to, I am a good human.


If you want to practice one tip only, choose number 3. Nothing is more calming to “guilt” than self-validation that YOU are a good human.

Hope this helps!



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