As we all know, Oprah Winfrey is a successful TV host, author, actress, entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist. A truly remarkable and empowered woman who paved the way to what we can achieve.

Recently, my team and I had a meeting and we talked about naming the ideal client. And who else is the perfect person? No other than Oprah. She is the epitome of success for every woman, and she is the perfect role model for my clients. There are many of us who have the potential to be like Oprah, and this time is the pre – Oprah stage.

In this episode, I would like to share with you how any woman can be like Oprah. And as you journey towards achieving your own success like her, I will guide you in this pre – Oprah stage to finally be the person you were meant to be, to be your own Oprah.

Why Oprah?

When I started my business, my husband told me that I can be the next Oprah. It sounded funny but it was actually a huge compliment. He believed I had the charisma, wisdom, and desire to help just like Oprah. And I never forgot that.

As I coach women, I’ve discovered that I love coaching women who resemble my personality. Women who are results driven, women who are not afraid to roll their sleeves to work, and women who are ready to take on a challenge not only to benefit her but the people around her. And that is Oprah. 

Who Is Pre – Oprah?

Pre – Oprah is a woman who’s experienced life in certain ways, who’s learned through suffering, who’s got ambition, who’s got a dream for the future, but she’s terrified. She would think she’s terrified of failure, but she’s really afraid of success. And that’s where I come in. 

Oprah became who she is because she decided to put aside all of her self doubt, all of her insecurities, and pull away from her circumstances that didn’t favor her, and use that to propel her to be the best version of herself.

There is an Oprah in all of us. We just need to acknowledge that, and work through our pre – Oprah stage to become our best versions.

Visit The Future Oprah

Don’t be preoccupied with your past self, have a look into the future, visit your future Oprah. Visit the future you who have let go of the fears and doubts. Visit the you whose dreams have come true, the confident you, the Oprah in you. You can’t walk backwards, you can only walk forward.

I’m Here To Help

A lot of you have dreams, you know in your heart you have potential, but you don’t know how to get there. Let me help you overcome all of your mental obstacles, so that you can learn, develop and become that incredibly powerful, shiny, loving, life changing version of who you can be. To be your own Oprah, to be the best version of you.