It’s been quite the week since I last posted. My dad had an accident and as a result, he moved in temporarily with me, so he can receive full-time care. My son has also been off school and well… let’s just say that I’ve been juggling quite a few responsibilities in between coaching calls and teaching sessions. 😅

This week at home “doing it all” has reminded me that feelings, all of them, have a secret language. Yup, all emotions are “code” for something else.  Isn’t that fascinating?

So for example, if you feel anger, likely that’s code for fear. If you feel fear, likely that’s code for “you need to take action” and so on. Every emotion, has a secrete message waiting for you to read it.

So, how do you decode your feelings? 👉 First things first, identify what you are feeling- “Name the feeling”

👉 Identify if the cause of the feeling is:

              A) unfulfilled need, B) a want or, C) a desire.

👉 Identity a satisfying response- That is an action that fulfills the need, want or desire.  The painful feelings we have, are generated within us to motivate us to live joyful lives, even if that means doing some difficult things to satisfy our needs desires and wants. 

It is common to want to distract ourselves from our feelings, but by doing so, we stop ourselves from learning what the feeling is trying to teach us, and we create a painful experience for ourselves- and often for those around us too. Good news is if you practice the three steps above, you will be able to decode your own feelings and actually address what you need.

Imagine the next time you feel angry. Instead of lashing out, you recognize that the anger is revealing a deep fear of losing someone. Your response, then, could be to cherish the moment you have with that person, realizing that’s exactly what your soul needs.

How would that feel?

That’s what I call a CEO move!

When we learn to really understand what our emotions are communicating to us!! Bliss!!!!

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