Anxiety. Everyone goes through it but not everyone talks about it. Like you, I’ve been anxious before. It’s a very unpleasant feeling, and it can impact your daily living. 

Recently, I took a trip to New York with my sister-in-law to celebrate Mother’s Day. We gave ourselves a weekend in the Big Apple. It was all exciting, but it also brought me anxiety. I was anxious because I have never been away from my son for more than one night. I felt anxious leading up to the weekend, to the point that I was losing some sleep. 

In this episode, I would like to share with you tips to overcome anxiety.

My Own Experience With Anxiety

The type of anxiety I have is similar to OCD. In the sense that I could hold on to one thought, one type of fear, and harvest that for years. For example, for years I was afraid of ghosts, even into my twenties, I felt terrified. 

Anxiety persists and it does not matter how many times people tell you that your fear is impossible, or that  it’s not likely to happen. The anxious mind still believes it could happen and holds on to that small possibility. 

While I still have an anxious, prone personality, I’m no longer frozen by anxiety, and I probably will never get there again because of the tools that I’ve learned to apply and coach myself through. These are the tools I will talk about in this episode. 

What Is Anxiety Stopping You From Doing?

I like to ask myself, what would I do differently if I didn’t have this anxiety? What will be different in my life? If I didn’t have that fear. Have you even thought about it? 

We sort of get used to saying I’m anxious about this, but we never think about what we would need to let go of the anxiety. Go ahead, ask yourself; What would I need to let go of anxiety?

One of the biggest mistakes I made while suffering from anxiety during my twenties was that I kept telling myself, ”I couldn’t imagine my life without anxiety.” In other words, I had grown an attachment to it. Anxiety had become a part of who I was. I’ve realized that part of my anxiety was that I wasn’t ready to let go of it.

Anxiety Makes You Feel Unsafe

When you’re anxious, you will also feel unsafe. Mindset is the channel that you’re choosing to view life, and if you’re having an anxious mindset, your brain is going to take you to unsafe thoughts. But if you change your perception, you can move away from anxiety and feel safe again.

Steps To Overcome Anxiety In Reset Your Mindset

First is to recognize. What you are really afraid of isn’t the outcome, but you are afraid of not being able to cope with the outcome. When we feel unsafe, your brain overestimates the risks, risks become massive and it underestimates our inner ability to heal, to cope, to move past it.

Second, to reassure yourself you will still be okay despite the outcome. Believe that you can handle it. I want you to think of the worst thing that’s happened to you so far in your life. The most difficult thing you’ve overcome. That means there’s evidence that we’re always okay at the end of the day, there are just challenges we need to go through. That is what your brain needs you to remember, that no matter what you’re going through, eventually everything will be okay.

And third is remembering that the outcome you’re afraid of isn’t happening right at this moment. 

A lot of times we think about things that will never even happen, we tend to overthink and expect the worst. Remember, that the outcome you are afraid of happening isn’t happening right at this moment. Therefore, the worry to try and protect ourselves is unnecessary today. You can inform the brain that we are safe at this moment. That’s when mindfulness is our best friend. Bring your mind back to where your body is, engage our eyes to things that you can see, and ears to things that you can hear. And park our worries for another day.


Recognizing what you’re afraid of isn’t the outcome, but the potential of not being able to cope with it. Then, give yourself reassurance that you can cope and handle it like you’ve done in the past. And finally, remember that what you’re afraid of is not happening now. 

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